Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Donald Trump gave out Lindsey Graham's cell number today. It's a childish and irresponsible stunt, though there's no reason to believe that it upset Trump's fans -- they loved it at Free Republic, as I learn from an FR thread in which Graham is repeatedly called "Linda" and one commenter posts this:

Meanwhile, The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart got Al Sharpton's take on Trump. Sharpton recalled something he'd heard from an old friend, James Brown:
First time, I went to Vegas ... [James Brown] took me there. And [he] said to me, “Reverend, let me tell you something. ... There’s a difference between the lounge act and the acts that play the main room.” We’re at Caesar’s Palace. I’m about 19 – 20 years old.

And I said, “What do you mean?” And he said, “When you’re in the lounge, you’re competing with the bars and the barmaids and the slot machines and people gambling. So you do whatever you can to get attention. But when you’re in the main room, they paid to see a show. You’ve got to be ready. You gotta have choreography. You gotta be rehearsed. You gotta have polish.” He says, “When you get on the main stage, Reverend, whatever you did to get out the lounge don’t do that on the main stage.”
Capehart notes that Trump may be doing an unpolished lounge act, but a lot of people seem to like it:
The latest Post poll shows that Trump has surged to a big lead in the GOP pack with support from 24 percent of Republican primary voters. Given that standing, I asked Sharpton, is there a danger that folks like the lounge act? He highlighted another significant number from the poll. The one that shows 62 percent of Americans said they wouldn’t vote for Trump for president. “Folks like the lounge act ... because they’re sittin’ around drinkin’ a beer and laughing,” Sharpton said. “But if you go upstairs to get your wife to go to dinner, she’s going to want to go to the main room.”
But how many people in America are truly excited about the acts who are polished enough to seem worthy of the main room? Jeb Bush? Marco Rubio? Hillary Clinton? They have too much choreography, too much polish. The guy in the lounge is much more entertaining.

Another analogy: It seems to me that Trump is like a young guy in a bar who's getting attention for obnoxious but funny stunts -- some people are disgusted, but that blonde over in the corner keeps laughing, and Trump wants her, so even though he doesn't know what the hell he's doing, he's going to just keep doing it. He wants to go home with the blonde, and she really might keep laughing the more obnoxious he gets.

Are they going to mate for life? Not very likely. But for now this is working. So Trump's going to keep going.


Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Fun with analogies!

Donald Trump : The GOP :: ISIS : Islam

Professor Chaos said...

Trump is a novelty act. His schtick will wear thin pretty quickly. Remember when Herman Cain led the GOP field for a while last time?

Victor said...

Only you, Steve!

Only you could compare Dumb-'n-old Chump to a guy looking to score at a bar!

Lol - but, pathetic at the same time.

Also too - get rid of of the food images!
They're misleading and fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aimai said...

Great observation by Sharpton! I need to remember that! And love your drunk frat boy inthe bar comparison. That is also spot on.

Four Bs said...

It's too bad Trump is peaking so early. If history is any guide, he'll either be out of the race or down in the single digits before too long, with the other 16 or 17 candidates taking their turns as leaders in the horse race. Who knows, with his TEN BILLION DOLLARS, maybe he'll have the staying power to wind up as the nominee. Or, better yet, ditch the RINO GOP and launch a third-party bid. That would have me cackling with glee right through Hillary's inauguration.

Yastreblyansky said...

What Aimai said.

Glennis said...

As four Bs said, it's too bad he's peaking early. He could screw with the rest of them for months, and also waste a whole lot of his own money.

But you never know. His ego is going to keep him in longer than a candidate who needs to please donors.

Never Ben Better said...

Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham has struck back with a funny ad showing him destroying cellphones in a slew of silly over-the-top ways. Perfect comeback, and the best way to handle it he and his team could have come up with.