Thursday, June 04, 2015


In my last post, I told you about Rick Perry's campaign song, a rewritten version of Colt Ford's "Answer to No One" with new Perry-centric lyrics:

In the lyrics of the original song, Ford says, "I'm a flag flyin' bible totin' son of a gun." But what flag is Ford flying? As TheHatist wrote in the comments to the last post,
I also imagine that this guy owns more than one southern flag, which means he loves America so much he wants to leave it, just as soon as he's done celebrating his right to own people as property, as long as they are dark enough. Just after he appropriates more of their culture.
That was a pretty good guess. Here's a photo of Ford:

Without squinting, I can tell that the message next to the upper Stars and Bars is KISS MY REBEL ASS. (It's a lot clearer here.) But what's below it?

I'd say it's this:

So, yeah, this guy doesn't merely wear the Stars and Bars as a matter of "Southern pride" -- he regards the army of the Confederacy as a bulwark against "terrorists," i.e., Union forces.

Well, Rick Perry has been known to talk casually about Texas secession, so I guess this is appropriate.


Never Ben Better said...

And yet he and his ilk loudly proclaim how patriotic they are, unlike those pinko liberal traitors in, say, the Northeast.

Cognitive dissonance? They should be paralyzed by it, but instead they seem to thrive on their mutually incompatible personas.

Never Ben Better said...

By the way, Victor, I'm now getting the food verification panels. Yeh, they make me hungry too.

theHatist said...

@Ben- I think cognitive dissonance requires cognition. Which is why they don't have a problem.

ckc (not kc) said..., it must take a LOT of work to make your facial hair look that bad, and keep it that way!

Unknown said...

As a pedant of the vexillological variety, I feel impelled to point out that "The Stars and Bars" refers to the first Confederate flag, a horizontal red-white-red tricolor with a circle of white stars in a blue canton. It's the wrong name for the more familiar Confederate battle flag.

But yeah, it is a puzzlement that devotees of treason consider themselves the Real Americans.

Victor said...

Where's Tweedledee?

'Cause I see TweedleDUMB.

I guess the people who proudly display the Confederate flag are the real Murkins, while we people along the coasts are Godless Commie Homosexuals.

Roger said...

Should be "Fighting Type II Diabetes Since 1981."