Friday, June 19, 2015


Yesterday Bobby Jindal told us that if we think there's a government solution to mass shootings, we're wrong, because government can't do anything about ... evil:
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, speaking on Fox News, insisted that evil wasn't a blank check for more government:
I’m a Christian, my faith teaches me there’s evil and sin in the world and no powerful government can eradicate that. I’m not saying government needs to give up -- this president has the government doing too many things, but it’s not going to eradicate evil....
That would be the same Bobby Jindal who expressed a somewhat different view of government's ability to eradicate evil in a couple of tweets last month:

That would also be the same Jindal who, in an op-ed last year, declared that ISIS's real name is literally "EVIL," and who said that the appropriate response to this EVIL was a massive show of military might:
My blood is still boiling over the recent murder by beheading of an American citizen at the hands of the terrorist group ISIL, or ISIS, or whatever these murderous fools call themselves. Their real name is EVIL.

... The president said that when people harm Americans, “we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done and we act against ISIL, standing alongside others.” What? Here’s an idea -- How about we offer these people death instead of justice?

... We should hunt and kill the people who did this completely, regardless of who stands with us.

The president also said the people of Iraq, “must continue coming together to expel these terrorists from their community.” Um, no. They do not need to be expelled. They need to be eliminated.
Jindal also said this in a speech earlier this year:
“We don’t need a war on international poverty, we need a war on the evil that is radical Islamic terrorism,” Jindal said. “These individuals are going to go straight to hell, exactly where they belong.”
And wrote this in his 2010 book Leadership and Crisis:
... the Obama administration continues to cling to the "poverty causes terrorism" theory because it supports the social work approach to national security that it favors.

If the Obama administration were to admit that Islamic terrorists are not motivated by poverty but rather by an evil ideology, that would require a paradigm shift in the way it approaches terrorism. They'd have to admit the existence of evil, name the enemy, and acknowledge that military power rather than more anti-poverty programs must be the central means to fight and win.
Got it? When a white American exercising his Second Amendment right to own a gun murders nine people in cold blood, that's evil -- but because it's evil, government can't do anything about it. But when evil is Muslim, shockingly, the government has just the solution, which is all-out war.



Feud Turgidson said...

It's bad enough when someone offers you a pinot & you find out it's actually from some South American dubious grape blend, or it's been brewed off juice exported from the west coast into some former Soviet satelite pooled up to the armpits in cess & general corruption.

But it's downright aggravating when it turns out SOME folks can't tell the difference between ineradicable (ideological tolerate) DOMESTIC evil, like in Charleston, and totally fixable FOREIGN evil like in the Middle East. Most southern whites, even honorary ones like Jindal and Tim Scott, certainly all Republcans, recognize this Jindal tune immediately, without going thru a whole lot of brain-bending rationalization and logic and consistency bullcrap.

Susan said...

Well said, Steve.

Ken_L said...

Jindal's double standard seems to be received conservative wisdom. I've read numerous similar self-serving assertions, the most popular being that this kind of evil is inevitable in America's godless liberal culture.

The sub-text, of course, is "Don't even dream about proposing any changes to gun laws, because we've already established it's not government's problem." They have the pre-emptive strike down to a fine art now. The reliably predictable Charlie Cooke, needless to say, had his regular 5000 word post-mass shooting "Why liberal gun rules would be stupid and a fatal blow to our freedom" post up at NRO within hours.

Victor said...

I'm sorry, but who gives a flying-fig about what a third-string GOP candidate for POTUS "thinks?"

I have a better chance of being the GOP Presidential candidate in 2016 than BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBY J - and I'm a flaming Libturd!

This imbecile won't even be a featured speaker at any future Wingnut Welfare events.
He'll the lucky to be a waiter, if not just a lowly bus-boy.

It's not even 9am here, and I'm already tired of this political BS!!!

Feud Turgidson said...

Victor makes a good point, Steve; and I think you and the board of directors at NMMNG Inc. or PLC or WTF it is ought to seriously consider going boldly where no blog has gone yet, being to substitute in place of stupid shit Jindal says the thing one of your readers - I nominate Victor - says about what Jindal 'just said' or what Jindal generally says.

It'd be pretty straightforward: something as simple as a headline like "He's Talking Again", opening with a link to whatever bullshit Jindal has said now, followed by comments from more likely GOP nominees such as victor or anyone in the world other than Jindal really, Myuk Bing Hoosaun of Backwater Thailand would serve about as well.