Friday, June 26, 2015


From gun blogger Bob Owens, who, you may recall used to blog as Confederate Yankee:

Monomania much, guys?


Victor said...


I mean, really, wtf?!?!?!

How come the Obamacare ruling didn't mandate ('man'date... Hmm... is he opening-up the closet door a bit with his wording?) nationwide concealed carry reciprocity?

After all, more people have health care coverage thanks to it, so, if you shoot someone, you ammosexual imbecile, there's a pretty good chance that the victim of your senseless (un-manly) violence, will be covered.

Yastreblyansky said...

Victor, it's obvious. Everybody has to carry now so you can defend yourself when somebody jumps you and tries to gay-marry you. It's bound to start happening.

Anonymous said...

As one would expect from a guy that calls himself "Confederate Yankee", Owens is stupidly wrong. (Not a lawyer, but I'm not even sure that reciprocity would force states with concealed carry permits to recognize concealed carry permits from another state, let alone states that don't allow concealed carry at all.)

However, I think that if his home state chose to legalize marriage between a man and his gun, reciprocity would require that other states that provide marriage licenses recognize his marriage to his gun. Perhaps he should agitate his legislature for that particular right.

Tom Hilton said...

When are ammosexuals going to get their rights? Huh?

Glennis said...

What about his barbecue grill?

Philo Vaihinger said...

It's the part about each state recognizing as married couples married according to the law of other states that he's thinking of.

Gun rights enthusiasts have been making this kind of full faith and credit argument for some time, now.

Bit of a stretch, but who knows where this court will go?

Roger said...

Cpnfederate Wankee should be allowed to marry his gun.

He's already impregnated several times.

Jack said...

Bob Owens is the guy who proposed a plan to start a campaign of domestic terrorism for the purpose of bringing down the US government unless it capitulated to tea party demands.