Sunday, June 21, 2015


It appears that the head of the group that helped make Dylann Roof a murderous racist has given lots of money to prominent Republicans, as The Guardian notes:
The leader of a rightwing group that Dylann Roof allegedly credits with helping to radicalise him against black people before the Charleston church massacre has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans such as presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum.

Earl Holt has given $65,000 to Republican campaign funds in recent years while inflammatory remarks -- including that black people were “the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world” -- were posted online in his name....

Holt, 62, is the president of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC)....
The Guardian story tells us that Holt has given $8500 to Cruz and his super PAC -- Cruz has now said the money will be returned -- as well as $1750 to RandPAC and $1500 to Rick Santorum's campaign. Holt also gave $2000 to Mitt Romney's campaign in 2012.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading -- below I'll give you a longer list of Republicans who've taken Holt's money.

Holt is a piece of work. As the Guardian story notes, a man with his name (Earl P. Holt III) and hometown (Longview, Texas) has posted many racist comments at Glenn Beck's Blaze:
One comment said of black people: “One can extricate them from the jungle, but one CANNOT purge the jungle from THEM”, while another said: “I do wish they’d keep their violence and savagery within their own communities”.

The commenter using Holt’s name also complained under a story about white privilege about his taxes being distributed “to every baby-daddy, baby-momma, welfare cheat, drug-dealer, Oprah-watcher, felon, alcoholic, drug-addict and deadbeat in America.”
Want more? You can read Holt's comments at various sites that use the Disqus comment platform here and here. A few samples:

* "Metal-Detectors and Security Guards are essential at any gathering of nigro teens these days, even pool parties..." (Source.)
* "Looks like every spook in the country wants to incite some kind of incident, so they can become the latest "civil rights" hero like Rosa Parks or Trayvon Martin or Tawana Brawley..." (Source.)
* "I don't see the Corrupt Leftist Jews' Media holding Obama's FEMA to the same standards as Bush & Co. were held..." (Source.)

The first two of those were posted to the white supremacist site American Renaissance, where Holt has also published a couple of articles.

Holt is also notorious for a letter he wrote to a blogger in 2004, when he was a radio host:
"Dear Commie," Holt began as he responded to an Internet blogger who had accused Holt and three others, who also won election to the St. Louis school board on an anti-busing platform in the late 1980s, of being white supremacists.

"Being the shallow nigger-loving dilettante that you are, you probably DO consider niggers to be your equal (who am I to question this?)," Holt wrote. "Yet, unlike you and your allies, I have an IQ in excess of 130, which grants me the ability to objectively evaluate the Great American Nigro (Africanus Criminalis)."

Holt then reeled off a series of questionable statistics to back his assertion that the "nigro is still as criminal, surly, lazy, violent, and stupid as he/she ever was," despite years of government aid....

"I honestly pray to God that some nigger fucks, kills and eats you and everyone you claim to love!" Holt concluded, daring the blogger to print his E-mail on the blogger's Web site
So how many Republicans has Holt given money to? Oh, quite a few.

In 2004, he gave to Bush/Cheney '04.

He skipped '06 and '08, but in 2010 the recipients of his donations included Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Rob Portman, and Ron Johnson.

In 2012, recipients included Romney, Cruz, Santorum, and Paul as well as Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Dean Heller, Linda McMahon, George Allen, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, and Pete Hoekstra. Oh, and, oddly, two African-American candidates, Allen West and Mia Love.

In 2014, recipients included Gohmert, King, Love, Bachmann, West, Johnson, and Cruz again, as well as Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, Thom Tillis, Ben Sasse, Tom Emmer, Mark Sanford, and Paul Broun.

Let's see how many give the money back. (My guess is that Steve King and Louie Gohmert won't.)


Unknown said...

The C of CC has made a statement on Charleston, claiming the hate crime was borne of "legitimate grievances." Each of these politicians should be asked that, to the extent they accepted their money whether they support that statement.

Victor said...

Say what you will about this asshole, but he has exquisite taste in wingnuts!
He's supported all of the ones bound for the GOP Hall of Shame.

ArchPundit said...

And heres' the full post of what he sent me in 2003

ArchPundit said...

Oh, and he gave money to the Cucc

Steve M. said...

Thanks for those links -- and I should have mentioned Cuccinelli. (the 2014 report I linked says he also gave to the pro-Cuccinelli PAC Fight for Tomorrow.)

Raymond Smith said...

Even if the politicians return the money it misses the main point. This guy gave money to these politicians for they push the same ideas and legislation that he agrees with. This is why it is so hard for the Federal Government to charge criminals with Domestic Terrorism for they would then have to investigate fully all reasons behind said actions and those that contributed to the crime via propaganda and encouragement to act. These politicians are enablers.