Thursday, September 04, 2014


Joan Rivers has passed away -- and of course there's talk on the right thinks she was killed by Obama, because she recently joked that the president is gay and Michelle is transgender.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Mad Jewess, who floated this theory even shortly after Rivers fell ill:
It is quite possible that Joan Rivers could have been poisoned. After all, she works with Communists. Communist are murderers and terrorists. They are also thin-skinned and can’t take when you talk about their leader, Stalin-Obama, as we all have witnessed in our lives, on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs.

So, here are some questions…

Where was Joan Rivers in the last 2 weeks or so? I know there is a certain drug that works in your system, eventually snuffing the life out of you.. People slip it into drinks. Could that have happened to Joan Rivers? Is it also a probability that someone did not like Rivers' view on Palestine and slipped her a drug to kill her? That is also possible....
The Jewess directs our attention to Steve Bridges:
He was a comedienne [sic] who made fun of Obama. He is dead, now.
Oh, please. Based on this toothless material? This stuff makes Jay Leno sound like Lenny Bruce:

Plus, Bridges's family says on his own website that his untimely death at age 48 was due to natural causes. Which doesn't prevent the compiler of the Obama 'Dead Pool'" from assuming A Conspiracy So Vast:
Steve Bridges Dies At 48 - Impersonator Who Offended 0bama ...Steve Bridges as President Obama - August 2011 ....It appeared that he died of natural causes...: On the Steve Bridges website, they are now calling his death 'an accident"...that the probable cause of death was due to "upper airway anaphylaxis", caused by a severe allergic reaction.. --- CSI Show: Murder by anaphalaxis?... A real life example of possible murder by anaphalaxis
And now Joan Rivers. Who's next? Victoria Jackson, watch your back....


Grung_e_Gene said...

The BBC , blame Barack campaign. He will serve as the "satan" for Republicans for the next 100 years.

Ken_L said...

Well since they got Andrew Breitbart (God bless his Holy Name) with that same drug, their appetite for the deaths of their enemies will know no bounds.

Victor said...

That weenie Obama's also a ruthless murderous thug.

In capable of handling an international crisis - but ready to murder his American critics.


Unknown said...

Which reminds me of this:
Two tea baggers decided to go to college. The first one went in to talk to the Dean. After the interview the Dean suggested that he take a course in logic.
"Logic?," exclaimed the bewildered tea bager. "What's that??"
"Well," said the Dean, "let me explain it this way: do you own a weed whacker?"
"I sure do," said the TB.
"OK, then I would use logic to deduce that you have a yard."
"That's right", said the TB
The Dean went on" And since you have a yard, I would logically conclude that you have a house, and then I would use logic to conclude that you are married"
"Right again," said the TB
"Furthermore I would use logic to conclude that you are heterosexual", said the Dean
"Dang I like that logic" said the TB."Put me down for a course"
Going out in the hall his friend asked him what the Dean said.
"Well, he said I should take a course in logic."
"Logic?" said his pal. "What's that?"
He replied, "Let me explain it this you own a weed whacker?"
His buddy said "No I don't".
"Well then, you're a queer."

Glennis said...

I applaud the widening of this talking point, if it makes all the asshole who herp-derp about "Mooochelle" look fearfully over their shoulders for the next two years.

Unsalted Sinner said...

So how come the Mad Jewess is still alive?

gocart mozart said...

I'm having some fun over there at that crazy place.

gocart mozart • 3 hours ago

"Mad" as in insane I assume. This is a parody site right?

The Mad Jewess Mod gocart mozart • 37 minutes ago

Uh, I've NEVER heard 'that' one before.

Adrian gocart mozart • an hour ago

The humor is unintentional.

Mary Sewall gocart mozart • 3 hours ago

No this is not a "parody site".

The Mad Jewess Mod Mary Sewall • 36 minutes ago

Nope, I am not into parody except maybe 2x a year. I are a serious cat :)

gocart mozart The Mad Jewess • 5 minutes ago

It should be because you are hilarious. Except for your jokes, your jokes aren't funny.

The Mad Jewess Mod Mary Sewall • 37 minutes ago

Someone dies that makes fun of the DickTator and we are NOT to ask QUESTIONS!!

gocart mozart The Mad Jewess • in a few seconds

Where were you on the night they died? It wouldn't be the first time a real murderer pointed fingers at someone else in order to distract suspicion away from themselves. JUST asking QUESTIONS!!

Tom said...

Perhaps another murder theory - in 2013 Rivers was quoted as saying "In my generation, Tripp would be called illegitimate. Bristol would be called the little whore down the block"

After Rivers fell ill, Sarah Palin said she was praying for Rivers.

Praying for her to die?

Glennis said...

Didn't the Palin family do a reality show "family swap" with the Rivers mother and daughter?

Roger said...

I see Rivers praised as a big supporter of the LGBT community.

Because she considered calling Obama gay and Mrs. Obama a "tranny" as a compliment. Which is why Nooners enjoyed that remark so.