Saturday, September 20, 2014


The authorities in Tennessee have decided that Leonard Embody should be allowed to get on with his work:
The man known as the "Radnor Lake Rambo" is back at it again, this time parading around Vanderbilt University and Hillsboro High School with a rifle and Second Amendment pamphlets.

Leonard Embody, 42, is well-known in the Nashville area for his provocative actions on gun rights....

On Wednesday, Embody was spotted walking around the Vanderbilt University campus before moving on to Hillsboro High School, prompting calls to police from concerned passers-by. Though police didn't stop him, Embody has posted videos in recent weeks of being detained briefly by police in Gallatin and on Vanderbilt's campus.

"There are hundreds of millions of guns in the U.S. The number of guns which are used in illegal fashion is minuscule. I will continue to open carry and hand out my leaflets," Embody said Thursday....
Here's what you saw Wednesday out a window at Hillsboro High:

Nothing disturbing about that if you're in a school, right?

In January 2013, I wrote about Embody. I naively concluded that there were limits to society's tolerance of his sort of behavior, even in Tennessee:
In 2009 and 2010, Embody walked through one park brandishing an AK-47 and walked down a street openly carrying a loaded pistol. In the park incident, he alarmed other park-goers, as well as the cops ...

He became known as the "Radnor Lake Rambo" -- and he had his carry permit revoked by the state.

And you know what? He eventually dropped his appeal of the permit suspension. He's pursued other avenues of legal redress, but his efforts keep getting rebuffed by the courts. He's busted.
Well, no, he wasn't. He keeps challenging the laws, and, ultimately, he always wins. Late last month, his most recent case was dismissed:
An order issued by Criminal Court Judge Randall Wyatt on Wednesday dismissed the case against Leonard Embody, a Nashville-area Second Amendment advocate once dubbed “Radnor Lake Rambo” for his open carry habits.

Embody had been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon after police said he walked in body armor with an AR-15 rifle with an attached silencer near the Historic Metro Courthouse in July 2013.

Embody has long said he had a federal permit to carry the silencer that was cited as the reason he was charged. In an Aug. 15 court hearing, Metro police admitted they saw the permit in the case where the rifle and silencer were being stored.
(Yes, folks, apparently this clown continues to have a valid federal permit for a silencer.)

Embody whines about being broke as the result of all the legal trouble he deliberately gets himself into:
"I lost my house, I lost my cars," Embody said Friday. "It's just a real nightmare."
But who needs money when you have guns and unquenchable zealotry?

Here's a local news story. It's really hard to overstate this guy's arrogance:

WSMV Channel 4

"I don't think I look terrifying. Other people may think I look terrifying, but that's in their own minds, and that's something they should deal with, with maybe a psychologist."
Right -- we're the nutjobs. Yeah, got it.


Grung_e_Gene said...

And if he happens to see an African American teenager armed with skittles or his own body pow pow pow another victory for murican freedumbs.

Victor said...

Somebody needs to get Johnny Gun-seed a p*nis-extender.

Maybe then, he can find a new hobby.

But, then again, he might take to masturbating in public - so, maybe that's not that good an idea.

Still, I'd be less scared and less offended if he was in public jerkin' his little gherkin instead of marching around with an assault weapon or handgun with a silencer!!!

Unknown said...

Here's a guy in the need of a brain. Eventually a good guy with a gun will take him out. then what will Wayne La Petite say?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's just a rhetorical question to ask why the police haven't just shot him out of hand after receiving a call about a scary man with a gun.

Unknown said...

He's broke but he's got lots of money tied up in weapons to use when the Apocalypse hits. I wonder what he thinks about poor people having refrigerators and cell phones.