Sunday, September 21, 2014


President Obama has been widely criticized for saying that ISIS is "not Islamic" -- but he just won't stop! Have you heard what he said on 60 Minutes tonight about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS?
"I hate to use the word 'heretics,' whatever the words of those types are, but to even call himself a Muslim is, to me, just ... the words that I just particularly don't want to use on this program.... I think to use the word 'Islam' and him in the same sentence is not acceptable. That he even speaks in the name of Islam for me is just so horrendous and so shocking."
The head of ISIS, not Islamic? A heretic? Why does Obama persist in making this argument?

... Oh, wait -- that wasn't President Obama. It was King Abdullah II of Jordan. (This was before he said that the West should have intervened sooner to stop the spread of ISIS.)

Abdullah is a Sunni Muslim who is reputed to be a 43rd-generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. But I'm sure Jonah Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro are much more qualified to address this question than he is, right?


Ken_L said...

Conservatives have made an art form of taking a word or two out of any context and pretending they are meant to be taken absolutely literally. Thus Hitler was a socialist because "socialist" is in the name of his party; Obama doesn't think business owners do anything creative because he told them "you didn't build that", and so on. It's a clever trick if done judiciously but they've overdone it with Obama. It's become just part of the endless shrieking anti-Obama noise.

God he must be looking forward to 2016.

Victor said...

The paychecks for the people at FOX "news," on Reich-Wing squack radio, conservative websites, and Op-ed columns, depend on parsing any and every Democrats words, and spinning them for the rubes in their audience.

Obama's the leading Democrat, and he's black, and has a weird name, so, he's the target.

'There's money in them thar shills!'

Victor said...

Oy - squawk.

Also, oy too - another duplicate comment.


Steve M. said...

I deleted the dupes.