Monday, September 08, 2014


Please kill me:

Below is a clip previewing the interview. In addition to Megyn Kelly in classic form -- she looks like the pretty nun of Old Hollywood cliche but talks like the mean Mother Superior, and seems as if she'd like to whack Churchill's knuckles with a steel ruler -- the clip features McCarthyite nerd Dinesh D'Souza, who pathetically seems to be trying to rebrand himself as just "D'Souza" while promoting his "documentary" America (coming to DVD in November!). Fox generously allows him to tag-team with Kelly on this interview (promoting D'Souza's projects seems to be a joint wingnut labor of love, like an Amish barn-raising). Churchill, still ponytailed and snarly, gives the punters just what they came for, like a pro-wrestling villain.

It's no coincidence that Fox would go searching for Antichrists outside politics at precisely this moment: President Obama is attacking ISIS, and it seems clear that D.C. Democrats are generally going to line up in favor of military action, just as they did in the early Bush years. Under those circumstances, someone has to be the war-skeptical object of Fox's Two-Minutes' Hates, just as someone had to fill that role between the vote authorizing force in Iraq and the mainstreaming of the get-out-of-Iraq movement within the Democratic Party. If we're entering a similar period, why not Churchill? I assume Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan will follow in short order.


Victor said...

Also, too - Phil Donohue.

But they'd never let him on - because he's charming, and far, far, smarter than anyone on FOX.

Tom Hilton said...

To be fair, who better to interview Ward Churchill than someone who thinks America deserved 9/11?

(Bonus wingnut-on-wingnut rhetorical violence, featuring Debbie Schlussel, here.)

Roger said...

J'usr D'Souza!

Unknown said...

Real truth. I once confused Ward Churchill and Ward Connerlly. It made for a few confusing moments.