Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Ben Shapiro on Twitter just now:

Ben Shapiro last November at Breitbart:

No comment.


Anonymous said...

And this surprises you because?

M. Bouffant said...

Apparently there aren't enough examples of all this lost freedumb & whatnot for B.S. & his ilk to do anything but complain about the numbers.

Victor said...

That poor, poor, boy.

He hoped for success from the most incompetent and disastrous Preznit in our modern history - if not all of our history.

And the last 5+ years, he's spent hoping and praying for another Democratic President, to fail.

In other words, the boy's a sociopathic douche-canoe.

Jules said...

The true horror - That Ben just made up.

But if you put him in a stadium with all of the people who've been denied health insurance because they had a pre-existing condition, all of the family members who lost a relative to a treatable illness because they couldn't afford care, and all of the ER doctors who'd treated people who showed critically ill with advanced stages of diseases, he'd say they were liars.