Friday, April 25, 2014


Oh, boo freaking hoo:
A top spokesman for the Republican National Committee got heated during an interview Friday on CNN, saying Republicans have been unfairly linked to Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his racist remarks....

"I think the comments that Mr. Bundy made with respect to race and other things were inappropriate and wrong, 100 percent out of line and not part of the discourse we need to have," [RNC communications director Sean] Spicer said. "But that being said, what I find fascinating as the chief spokesman for the Republican Party is that when a guy has a problem with cattle grazing and has a discussion about the size of the federal government and the overreach of the federal government, makes a comment every reporter calls the Republican National Committee asking for comment."

... Spicer stressed again and again that the GOP was being too closely linked with Bundy and his comments.

"The issue with Cliven Bundy has absolutely nothing to do with his party, zero," Spicer said. "He is a Nevada rancher that had a beef with the federal government's continued overreach and suddenly this became a question when he made some inappropriate comments about what every Republican needs to answer for. That's absolutely ridiculous."
Sorry, Sean, but this is what you get when your party takes full advantage of Fox News's choice to make itself a round-the-clock propaganda operation for Republicanism and conservatism.

It was noted a couple of years ago that Republicans who criticized Rush Limbaugh invariably had to recant within a day or two. Well, that doesn't quite happen with Fox -- but does any Republican candidate or official ever criticize anything that appears on on Fox News?

No. The GOP just sits back and reaps the rewards of 24/7 free publicity for its message. It's understood by everyone in the world of politics that Fox is a Republican mouthpiece. So when Fox wanders further into the fringes of the right and no Republican utters a word of protest, why the hell should we shed a tear when it all blows up in the face of Fox and the GOP gets scorched?

The Obama White House has sometimes gotten crosswise with media lefties -- remember Robert Gibbs denouncing the "professional left"? As for the GOP, I don't recall a peep of protest about anything Fox has ever done.

So pick a fight with Fox once in a while, Sean -- or shut the hell up.


Ken_L said...

It's a political tactic that's stood the test of time for centuries - let the belligerent louts loose to create havoc for the cause, while preserving the fiction that they have nothing to do with the party.

On this occasion though Spicer might be being a bit too cute. Lots of conservatives are going out of their way to agree enthusiastically with Bundy. This will be one more fissure in the growing fracture between the Tea Party and the establishment GOP.

Victor said...

The Republicans running away from KKKliven Bundy put Usain Bolt to shame!

And let KKKliven Bundy be a lesson to the jerks on FOX, the Reich-Wing internet, talk radio, and the Op-ed pages, about having knee-jerk reactions.

But, Republicans are drawn to ignorance, bigotry, stupid AND evil, like flies to shit.

Unknown said...

Make no mistake, the GOPers will NEVER call out Fox News. They know which side their bread is buttered on.
Fox just followed Bundy down the rabbit hole, but now he'll be pushed down the memory hole. By next week they'll be saying "Cliven Who?". And then there'll be another Big Story, hopefully making a Lib look bad, and it'll be all about that for a week.
And they know their audience will gladly follow it. It's all just a game for the DC folks, dontcha know?

Ten Bears said...

He's a perfect representation of corporate welfare whores suckling the government treat. Of course they're flipping out, the shoe fits.

Yastreblyansky said...

You can find Sterling at OpenSecrets as Donald Sterling of Beverly Hills Properties. He donated $2000 to Bill Bradley in 1989 (Bradley was chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on International Debt and contemplating 1992 presidential run) and $1000 each to Gray Davis (who was California state comptroller 1987-95) and Patrick Leahy (chairman of Senate Agriculture Committee) in 1991 and then vanished from the business, never to return. Beverly Hills Properties doesn't show up as a soft money donor either. Can't imagine what the donations were about but presumably he was looking for favors. They don't show him as a liberal activist or activist of any kind.