Saturday, April 26, 2014

(Update Monday: Choke on it, wingnuts -- Donald Sterling is a registered Republican and has been for more than fifteen years.)

(This was updated on Sunday morning.)

I had a post up here about Donald Sterling, and about blogger Donald Douglas's accounting of his political contributions. I don't think either one of us had the facts straight. Several Donald Sterlings have appeared on the FEC's list of campaign contributors, but none seem to be Donald Tokowitz Sterling of California:

Is the donation to Bill Bradley reported by Douglas really from the Clippers' Donald Sterling? It's not clear -- his ultimate source is this site, which says Sterling gave to Bradley and to former California governor Gray Davis in the early 1990s, but there's no backup documentation. The donation to Bradley listed on the FEC site from the late 1990s is from another Donald Sterling. The two donations to the Republican National Committee that I cited weren't from him, either.

I regret my error. I'd like to see more backup for what Douglas wrote. In any case, even Douglas can't find evidence for a Sterling contribution to a Democrat in roughly the last two decades.


And since Douglas is cackling over the fact that I pulled the post, I'm restoring what I wrote about about his selective reading of the electoral history of Frazier Glenn Miller, the Klansman who was arrested for the murders of three people at Jewish centers in Kansas City. Douglas wrote:
Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006

The suspect ran for office numerous times, but he started as a Democrat in 1984, running in the North Carolina gubernatorial primary. After a number of other attempts at elected office, he returned home to the Democrat/Ku Klux Klan/Party in 2006, running in the Democrat primary for Missouri's 7th congressional district in 2006. His candidacy had the far-left hate site Daily Kos freaking out, "Racist felon running for the Dem nomination in MO-7."

Frazier Glenn Miller is a Democrat to the core....
I stand by every word of what I wrote in response to that:
Douglas's post doesn't even make sense -- if Miller were "a Democrat to the core," why would a Daily Kos blogger be "freaking out" about his candidacy? Why would the Kos post be urging someone else to file for candidacy as a Democrat in that race?

In fact, Miller didn't make it onto the ballot as a Democrat in that primary, according to election results on the Missouri secretary of state's website, or at least he didn't get a single vote. He did get a whopping 23 votes in the general election, but as a write-in candidate. (Where were all the Democrats flocking to vote for this guy if he was a "Democrat to the core"?)

And, of course, he's never had a particular party affiliation -- he ran in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in North Carolina in 1984 and finished eighth, with 0.56% of the vote, then ran in Republican U.S. Senate primary in North Carolina two years later and finished third, with 3.17% of the vote. He got 7 votes as an unaffiliated write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2010.

But, of course, Glenn Reynolds catapulted Douglas's propaganda back then, as I'm sure he'll catapult the latest example.

No honest Democrat denies that the party has accommodated racists within what is, for us oldsters, living memory. The segregationists of the civil rights era were Democrats until LBJ signed away the South when he signed the Civil Rights Act. The 1970s anti-busing racists in my hometown of Boston -- Louise Day Hicks and others -- were Democrats. Both Frazier Glenn Miller (born 1940) and Donald Sterling (born 1933) are old enough to remember when racists were welcome in both major parties. So Miller ran as a member of both major parties and Sterling gave to candidates from both parties.

But those days are long gone. Donald Douglas knows that, but he wants to help sustain the ignorance of readers who don't. On his deathbed, I hope he asks himself why he squandered so much of his life trying to make so many people believe things that are untrue.
Donald Sterling: rarely a Democratic donor, and not a Democratic donor for many years. Frazier Glenn Miller: not on a Democratic ballot line in the past three decades. Those are the facts.


giantslor said...

On Memeorandom it's the usual bottom-of-the-barrel mouth breathers Douglas and Jim Hoft, along with Daily Caller, peddling this BS "racist is a Democrat" line. Meanwhile, they continue to champion the barrage of racist policies proposed by the GOP.

repsac3 said...

Douglas has been mad since Cliven Bundy exposed himself, and has been desperate to turn the tables ever since. How desperate? THIS desperate: Sick Leftist Jamelle Bouie Attacks Alleged Racist Rancher as Demonic 'Cloven' Bundy.

In Douglas's hate-filled partisan mind a simple typo becomes a literal LITERAL demonization of Bundy. (Some may recall how he did the same thing when he saw a kid holding a "Sasquatch Is Real" "protest" sign in NY. Intentionally or not--and I'm willing to accept not, though that doesn't change anything--he misread the sign as "Sasquatch Israel," and then spun a myth out of tnin air that this kid was an anti-semitic liberal, and that his sign was saying that like Bigfoot, Israel does not exist. No... REALLY.

Donald Douglas is desperate to turn those tables and find some racist or bigoted Democrat with which to tar all Democrats. Personally, I think the donations from 20 years ago are kinda thin gruel on which to hang one's hat. (How's that for a mixed metaphor...) But even if Sterling is or ever was a Democrat, so what? Anyone who claims that any one Democrat or Republican represents ALL Democrats or Republicans is an idiot.

I condemn "Cloven" Bundy's racist remarks, along with the verbiage of those who tried (and continue trying) to excuse them or explain them away. I also condemn Donald Sterling's racist remarks, along with the verbiage of anyone who tries to excuse them or explain them away...should anyone actually do that, that is... And in both cases, I don't care which party or political movement they come from...

One set of standards for friend and foe alike...

Victor said...

Life is too short to spend much time on what an absolute moron like 'Teh Donald DouglASS' writes.

He's just some shitty nobody "professor" at some shitty JuCo.

As for Sterling (maybe the shittiest owner in ALL of sports - and THAT'S saying something!), if he gets off on "owning" black Basketball players - via their contracts - then he's a sick MoFo who needs to go.

aimai said...

While I agree with Victor's overall point (hi victor!) I'd like to point out that its not irrelevant that Donald Douglas teaches at a very minor league Junior college setting--his target market for his lectures is very young people with little to no historical memory. It says a lot, and at the same time very little for him as a teacher, that he always choses the lie over the inconvenient truth. That his imaginary interlocutor is always very badly educated, ill informed, and presumably too lazy to get the facts for him or herself.

I've been a parent and I've been a teacher. You get out of your students what you put into them. If you are satisfied to treat them as childish, mindless, sponges and you fill your time with them with convenient lies you will either disgust them or you will end up creating idiots. Its revolting that he continues down this path but you can see that he lives such a cloistered life that he may not realize most of the rest of us have enough historical memory and information to know that he's lying and to dismiss him out of hand. His students will, too, eventually.

Victor said...

"HI" back atchya, aimia!

"Teh Donald DouglASS" is an ASS!

A colossal one!

Like a child-schtupping priest with his zipper open, DouglASS shouldn't be allowed to come in contact with young and impressionable people!


Roger said...

Donald Douglas Isreal.

A real wanker.

Roger said...'s Donor Lookup has a Donald Sterling of Beverly Hills, CA giving 4 $1K donations to Bill Bradley (2 donations), Gray Davis and Pat Leahy about 25 years ago.

Pupienus Maximus said...

Teh Donalde will shortly reveal the truth, that being that actor212 is Donald Sterling. Or maybe Tintin, I dunno they're all the same guy anyway.

giantslor said...

And now National Review is getting in on the act: "Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat."

National Review hasn't been a respectable source of conservative thought in a long time, and they keep proving that. What's left, David Frum and Outside the Beltway? Andrew Sullivan? That's about it.