Monday, April 21, 2014


Spotted this on Twitter a little while ago:

Oh, crap -- what's got the righties riled up now?

Drudge's link goes to The Weekly Standard. The source for the Standrd's post is, I assume, a White House press pool report on today's Easter egg roll:
President Obama declared everyone "a winnner" at the White House Easter Egg Roll:
... "Happy Easter! This is the biggest event we have at the White House all year long," Obama said....

"Everybody is a winner!" He yelled at the end before pulling in about 25 kids for photos and high fives.
So why is the Standard quoting this?

Well, if the president said, "Everybody is a winner!," he embodied one right-centrist stereotype of liberalism and one wingnut stereotype. The right-centrist stereotype: that liberal culture is built on an aversion to competition and a preference for "Everybody Gets a Prize" days at school. (Snark in response to today's story at Weasel Zippers: "Yay! Participation trophies!") This, we're told, turns our children into soft, weak, flabby individuals and, for good measure, is part of an ongoing war on masculinity.

The wingnut stereotype? Well, here's the first tweet posted in response to Drudge:

Communists? You mean like Laura Bush?
This is a rush transcript from "On the Record ," March 24, 2008....

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Just a few hours ago we were at the White House for their annual Easter egg roll, a tradition dating back to 1878. The First Lady Laura Bush was a gracious host to thousands of children and, yes, the parents....

Explain the Easter egg roll to me.

BUSH: The Easter egg roll -- you use a spoon, and these are hard-boiled eggs, and the White House chefs spend all of the weekend hard boiling eggs and dying them.

So the idea is you're down close to the ground with your spoon and you're moving the Easter egg all the way down to the finish line. And, of course, everyone is a winner at the Easter egg roll.
(Emphasis added.)

Oh, and this is from a 2007 book titled The President's House: 1800 to the Present: The Secrets and History of the World's Most Famous Home:

That book was written by Margaret Truman -- Harry Truman's daughter. I guess she's a castrating commie hippie, too, just like Laura Bush.


Rob Patterson said...

It must be exhausting to be aggrieved so often.

Victor said...

Sadly, it appears to be energizing, rather than exhausting them!

Their tit's don't know what to do if they're not in an uproar.

And neither do their knickers know what to do, unknotted.

And for God's sake, teeth don't gnash themselves, and hair and garments can't be torn, without some cause!!!

And the cause is refreshed, every time President Obama draws another breath.

Their rage at him may be the "perpetual motion machine" humanity has been dreaming of, for centuries!

Too bad for all of humanity that energy will be untapped, because so many of them are so old, that they'll stop moving pretty soon!

Jules said...

Sludge was hoping for a Hunger Games style event where tykes slaughter each other for Easter treats.

Ken_L said...

Ah but in the past it was the FIRST LADY who said it. This time it's OBAMA. More proof that Obama has a MANHOOD PROBLEM!!

Unknown said...

Decrying the every-body-gets-a-trophy mentality is the one thing conservatives have gotten semi-right. They've been been demanding Intellectual Participation Ribbons for 30 years and look what it's gotten them.

Unknown said...

@Julia: I'd pay to see that :-)