Saturday, June 01, 2013


The usual right-wing shriekers are making noise about this Daily Caller story:
Former IRS commissioner Shulman's wife works for liberal group fighting open campaign spending

Former Internal Revenue Service commissioner Douglas H. Shulman ... is married to the senior program advisor for Public Campaign, an "organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics."

... Shulman's wife Susan L. Anderson is the senior program advisor for the Washington-based nonprofit organization Public Campaign, which claims that it "is laying the foundation for reform by working with a broad range of organizations, including local community groups, around the country that are fighting for change and national organizations whose members are not fairly represented under the current campaign finance system."
How horrible! These people want to oppress poor, suffering billionaires and large corporations!
...Public Campaign receives "major funding" from the pro-Obamacare alliance Health Care for America NOW!, which is comprised of the labor unions AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, and the progressive activist organization Move On, among others....
Know who else provides major funding for Public Campaign? Extreme, America-hating radical-left organizations such as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York -- yup, the lunatic fringe. Also the Committee for Economic Development, whose CEO is a big commie named Steve Odland:
Mr. Odland brings to CED an extensive business background, serving as Chairman & CEO of Office Depot, Inc. from 2005-2010; Chairman, President & CEO of AutoZone, Inc. from 2001 until 2005; and President & CEO of Tops Markets, Inc. from 1998 to 2000....

Mr. Odland also possesses a strong policy background. From 2004 to 2006, he was Chairman of the Business Roundtable's Corporate Governance Task Force. Previously, Odland was a U.S. Presidential appointee as a Commissioner on the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission; a member of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation; a U.S. Presidential Appointee on the Council on Service and Civic Participation; and a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute for Corporate Ethics....
One member of Public Campaign's board of directors is an evil lefty named Whitney North Seymour, Jr.:
He was the Republican nominee for Congress in New York's 17th District in 1968, but was defeated by Democrat Ed Koch.... Seymour was also an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 1982....

During his term as United States Attorney, Seymour represented the United States Government in seeking to stop the New York Times from publishing the Pentagon Papers.
Oh, but:
Seymour was independent counsel or special prosecutor in the case of Michael Deaver, a senior aide to President Ronald Reagan, who was convicted of perjury in 1987.
So, yeah, I guess he was the kind of Republican who may as well have been a card-carrying communist. Whoops! Never mind!


Scott said...

A public servant with a conflict of interest due to his wife's activities? The Daily Caller's Ginni Thomas was no doubt shocked to hear about it.

Victor said...

Only those with vestal purity, may call themselves, "True Conservatives!"

All others, are RINO's and CINO's.

Trust me, Conservative dipsh*t's, if the Koch Brothers could figure out a way to squeeze one thin dime out of Greenpeace, PETA, the NAACP, the or the ACLU, they'd be on their boards.

Hell, you Conservative dipsh*t's conveniently forget who defended your boy, Rush "The Oxycontin Junkie" Limbaugh, on drug charges - the very same ACLU that he disparaged, for decades before, and for years since, the ACLU defended him.

Kathy said...

Steve, from my years with a Ford-funded nonprofit, I can tell you it's an article of faith with the crazy right that Ford is complicit in the imminent UN takeover. For them, Ford funding would stick out like a sore commie thumb. OTOH, why would real Tea Partiers object to getting big special interest money out of politics? Isn't that part of their grassroots charter?