Friday, June 07, 2013


No, I'm not living until tinfoil after my last post -- I got busy with real-life things (work, etc.) and the day got away from me. I'll be back soon, but for now I'll share this about Surveillancegate, from Aimai in comments:
But I will say that clearly right wing fears that Obama will use this information (such as it is) for nefarious purposes are clearly overblown. If he had his hands on the dirt on the Republican congress he could have passed all his legislation in a single session.
Indeed. And if he were really the modern-day Nixon and had access to massive amounts of secret data, he would have driven the one semi-electable GOP candidate out of the race in 2012 instead of allowing him to win the nomination -- in fact, I think he would arranged to win a 49-state landslide against surprise nominee Herman Cain. Don't you think?


Victor said...


Which Obama will they settle on today, Saturday, June 8th?

Will it be Obambi? The weak clod, who can't get out of his own way, and bows to all foreigners?

Or, Obama-Shaka-Zulu? The Kenyan warrior, determined to bring Sharia Law, and take-over the US?

Now, to make righties heads explode:
I think Obama did monitor his opponents, and really did pick Romney - because he knew he's win a narrow enough victory, to make it seem like he didn't pick his opponent!

Shaka, rattle, and roll that one around in your heads, righties!!!

redscott said...

So, I guess there's nothing to worry about with these programs, because Obama will always be president to ensure that nothing bad will ever happen. Wait, what?

Steve M. said...

If you got that from my recent posts, reading comprehension is not your long suit.