Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina) wants you to be paranoid, angry, and ignorant:
Rep. Jeff Duncan wants to know why IRS law enforcement agents are training with AR-15 rifles.

As chairman of the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, Duncan (R-S.C.) toured a federal law enforcement facility in late May and noticed agents training with the semi-automatic weapons at a firing range. They identified themselves as IRS, he said.

"When I left there, it's been bugging me for weeks now, why IRS agents are training with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, which has stand-off capability," Duncan told POLITICO. "Are Americans that much of a target that you need that kind of capability?" ...
As Congressman Duncan knows perfectly well -- or ought to -- fighting potentially violent criminals has been part of the job of some IRS agents for, oh, about ninety years:
According to the IRS website, "IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) is comprised of approximately 4,100 employees worldwide, approximately 2,700 of whom are special agents whose investigative jurisdiction includes tax, money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act laws."

CI special agents are required to "carry and use a firearm." According to the basic requirements to qualify for a position as a CI special agent, "applicants must carry and use a firearm."

... In September 2003, the IRS manual was updated to establish an "Integrated Financial System" to "track IRS property" and "investigative equipment," including "firearms, body armor...use of force padded training suits, and firearms training systems" for the CI division.
That's "2003" as in "when George W. Bush was president."
IRS CI division has been investigating dangerous organizations such as drug traffickers since the 1920s. Established in 1919 as the "Intelligence Unit" and changing its name in 1978, CI's agents have historically investigated potentially dangerous individuals and organizations, beginning with its first investigation of an "opium trafficker in Hawaii in the early 1920s." ...

During Bush Administration, CI special agents participated in Anti-Terrorism Task Forces, World Trade Center searches, investigations of Saddam Hussein's regime, and other such "special assignments in the Middle East." ...
So, yeah, these folks do dangerous work. So you get the likes of this, from 2007:
Three alleged members of a major cocaine-trafficking organization operating in the Lubbock area were arrested Thursday morning by federal, state and local law enforcement officials....

Law enforcement agencies involved in the arrests include: the Drug Enforcement Agency, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations Division, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement....
Here's the CI division in raids on members of a child prostitution ring in 2005, and on illegal steroid manufacturers in 2007 -- yes, before the inauguration of the tyrant Obama.

Congressman Duncan? Please just shut the hell up.


Victor said...

From SC, eh?

Than he should know why 'them thar revanoors is packin' heat.'

What, with his Grandpappy's still, his undeclared income, and the great shoot-out of '38.

And I'm sure he's familiar with what the IRS does when it's not in shoot-out's with hillbillies at their stills, from back when his father was called into the IRS office and told to bring all of his dependents.
His father brought out this knucklehead, and his wife and daughter, and the IRS discovered that he was claiming two female dependents, when there was only one woman standing there, himself, and his son.

Joseph Nobles said...

Steve Stockman is using this in his latest AR-15 giveaway - on July 4, naturally.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh Pish-Tosh! Ever since 20 children were gunned down with an AR-15, I've learned from Gun Afficandos that they're mrerly 22 rifles hardly able to drop a squirrel so I'm actually happy the IRS is training with these little popguns which can't even do anything serious.

eurobagger said...

It was wrong back then and it is wrong now. And Congressman Duncan is right and you're the morons here: IRS or education agency should not have deadly force at its disposal. Why not give IRS main battle tanks or education the combat aircraft? After all, they might need it somewhere and sometimes? Why not send them to Afghanistan to do "special operations"? Special operations are the job for police or FBI or another institution that has training, laws, procedures and oversight to do dangerous work.

Even if it were practiced in the past, like you're pointlessly elaborating, it does not make it right or correct: if IRS in particular situation has time to call their own commando, it has the same time call the police in.

You're trying to defend the indefensible by saying that indefensible has been practiced in the past. Grow up.