Monday, June 10, 2013


So how has President Obama besmirched America's honor now? Fox Nation and The Blaze have the scoop on a horrible insult to America that happened on Obama's watch:
As far as symbols of the American presidency go, the Oval Office is a pretty big one.

The president's desk? Definitely his alone.

That's why it was certainly a surprise when the president of Chile walked over and sat himself down in President Barack Obama's chair during a visit to the White House on Tuesday.

The whole thing was caught on camera during what seemed like a jokey, good-natured meeting -- though Obama definitely appeared caught off-guard....
The Fox Nation commenters are appalled:
I'm guessing that this would not have happened under any other president. This is the Administration's apparent disdain for the country's values in full view.

Looks like disrespect is spreading and there is no one strong enough to put a stop to it. Obama should have been caught on camera throwing the chair out the window after he did that. How disrespectful.

Shows the lack of respect not only for Obama but for the United States. Respectfully the President of the US (?) should have asked him to get up. Guess that shows how little respect Obama has for himself.
As is Dana Perino:
Dana Perino, a White House press secretary to former President George W. Bush, reacted to a question on Twitter about whether she had ever sat in her old boss's chair. "No way, never!" she tweeted.

Perino said she didn’t even sit down at the desk at the new George W. Bush Presidential Center: "It still felt like that should be his and his alone," she posted.
Yes -- Oval Office desks are sacred! Republicans understand that!

Um, except maybe not. Funny that Perino should mention her reluctance to sit a Bush's desk in his own presidential library, because here's a photo of Duluth radio talk-show host Brad Bennett sitting at Ronald Reagan's old desk at the somewhat-less-than-presidential Arrowhead Home & Builders Show at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center a couple of months ago (click to enlarge):

Yup, that's the kind of reverence with which Reagan's desk has been treated: it's part of a traveling patriotic sideshow designed to lure the public into a homebuilders' convention:
* Tour a retired Air Force One jet
* Visit the Oval Office, complete with one of the presidential desks used by Ronald Reagan
* See the display of First Lady's formal gowns going back to Martha Washington
* See the Lima Company memorial Eyes of Freedom display
* Live performances by the Street Corner Symphony
* Join Bob the Builder for free face painting and balloon animal...

Sorry you missed it? Don't worry -- you'll have another chance to sit at the Reagan desk at next year's Home Show.

But, of course Reagan was a Republican and a True Patriot, so no matter who's pimping out his desk, it's still a sacred relic. Obama, by contrast, is still un-American and evil.


Carol Ann said...

First you have the President as CIC (I truly hate this since he is CIC of the armed forces, not the country; then you have the President as Green Lantern, bending congresscritters to his steely will; finally you have the President as sainted person whose bottom must not be contaminated with the heat of another's bottom on his chair.

Victor said...

The real scandal for Republicans, is that President Obama is still breathing.

Original Banksta said...

"Obama should have been caught on camera throwing the chair out the window after he did that."

What, so we can watch the chair bounce off the three-inch thick ballistic window?

John Taylor said...

Strange that the Republicans have more respect for a chair than the man who was elected to sit in it for two terms.