Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Politico's Schizophrenic Coverage

Did you know that this sage observation

It took a late intervention of two Senate veterans — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice President Joe Biden — to rescue the negotiations. Their relationship, forged over two decades on Capitol Hill, helped move Congress to a resolution because it wasn’t burdened by the raw political conflicts of the past and the legislative fights still to come.

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Is in no way condradicted by this insider account of closed door Presidential meetings?

McConnell and Reid, who have prided themselves on working well together, couldn’t get along this time, either.
The bad blood was evident from the start. When Obama sat down for an opening meeting with congressional leaders on Nov. 16, McConnell attacked Reid over the majority leader’s proposal for filibuster reform, an issue that had nothing to do with the fiscal cliff talks. 

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Has there ever been a more shamelessly World Wrestling Style coverage of politics than that offered by Politico, in which Heels and Faces do their turns between paragraphs, tumbling like acrobats from sincere to compromised, from heroes to zeros without the transcriptionist stopping to take a drink of water or even to yawn?

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Victor said...

If there was any doubt before, that last paragraph should put you in the Blogger Hall of Fame!

I stopped reading Politico about a week after it launched, since I found it not only as predictable as a pair of loaded dice, but so insipidly written, that in comparison, the worst Brooks, Friedman, or Douthat, columns, seem refreshing, thoughtful, entertaining, and inciteful.

Happy New Year!!!