Sunday, January 20, 2013


Do not cross the gun absolutists. Vengeance is swift:
Cabela's Inc., the North American hunting and fishing retailer, announced Saturday that it will not participate in the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show to be held Feb. 2-10 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg [Pennsylvania].

This comes on the heels of smaller retailers boycotting because of the decision by event organizer Reed Exhibitions to ban the display and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines....

The international retailer -- which has 40 outdoor gear and sporting goods stores across the U.S. and Canada -- is "definitely a superpower in the industry" ....
Cabela's was to have been one of four anchor vendors at the show. The company organizing the show wanted to show some sensitivity in the wake of the Newtown massacre. But that's simply not allowed. The gun absolutists won't tolerate it.

Potential attendees will not tolerate any collaboration with the enemy:
... In the 24 hours since Reed posted the announcement on the show website and began answering media questions, more than 350 Facebook users had posted their responses to the show's page.

The vast majority were strongly opposed to Reed's decision to exclude tactical rifles like the popular AR-15 replica of the military's M-16.

Many vowed that they would not attend the show and encouraged others to do the same....

General calls of "boycott" were common, as they were on the popular HuntingPA message boards, where several discussion threads had attracted almost universally negative reaction from a few hundred hunters and shooters....
This is why Obamaites were naive to imagine that Wal-Mart might agree to endorse the administration's gun control agenda -- the retaliation from the gun community would have come immediately and mercilessly, and would have forced Wal-Mart to recant.

Let's call the gun lobby and its supporters what they really are: a protection racket. Do what they want and they're with you: if you're a corporation, they'll give you their business; if you're a pol, they'll back you. Cross them? They'll seek to crush you. Who are the jackbooted thugs again?


Ten Bears said...

A protection racket so thoroughly organized, so well run and so single-mindedly dedicated to its product it well within its means if not morality to collude with certain media outlets and manufacturers of psychotropic drugs to trigger these rampages so as to scare the population into buying more guns.

Victor said...

I think these emotionally unstable imbeciles never evolved past the 3 year-old hissy-fit stage, when they thought the universe revolved around them.

Philo Vaihinger said...

The family that controls Wal-Mart is plenty rich, already.

They might decide to do it even at the cost of a boycott.

They might even stop selling anything to do with firearms.

You never know what people will do for conscience.

Especially people who can afford one.