Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey, I'm back. Zandar, thank you again -- you did an amazing job while I was gone.

I realize I may have led you to believe I was heading into the teeth of the storm, when in fact I was heading away from it, to the Twin Cities. I was mostly worried about being stuck in an airport for days while flight backlogs worked themselves out, but everything was ridiculously easy. For some reason, God didn't curse me.

And speaking of divine curses, we visited the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul over the weekend and there sure did seem to be a lot of anti-Bachmann crop art (for the uninitiated, as I was until two days ago, that's art literally made out of seeds and grains). I stupidly attended without a camera, but others were smarter than I was:

This one may be a bit too O-bot for some of you (click to enlarge):

Posting for real tomorrow....

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