Monday, August 08, 2011


ABC's Note:

Michele Bachmann Doubles Down On Tim Geithner: He 'Must Resign Immediately For The Sake Of Our Country'

The Hill:

Rep. West: Geithner 'should move on' from Treasury job

I agree with Bachmann and West that we'd be well rid of Geithner, though a replacement who could get approved by the Senate would be infinitely more terrifying, and West and Bachmann's dream choice would be more terrifying than a minimally confirmable choice. But the reason I'm drawing attention to these headlines is that, while I'm 95% certain that Mitt Romney will pick Marco Rubio as a running mate if he gets the nomination, I absolutely don't believe Bachmann will play it safe if she triumphs -- she'll think she's trumped the entire Establishment, Democratic and Republican, and she'll believe she's free to do as she pleases. So I could easily imagine her running with the war criminal and verbal bomb-thrower from Florida. That's one more reason to root for her in the primaries, and (if you're a Democratic-leaning but unaffiliated New Hampshire voter) to go vote in the GOP contest for Bachmann.

And, by the way, I hope someone asks her (and West) for some replacement suggestions. Ron Paul? Rick Santelli? John Stossel? What names would they cough up?

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