Thursday, July 28, 2011


Apparently, according to the two state religions of red America, it's not clear whether we should default or not default:

Several sources say the South Carolina delegation -- which includes five Republicans -- could be key in getting the vote across the finish line....

Adding even more drama to an already chaotic evening in the Capitol, several members of the South Carolina delegation retreated to an ornate chapel to pray on the issue.

Asked whether divine inspiration might hit during prayer, Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), a freshman from Charleston, replied: "Divine inspiration already happened. I was a lean no, and now I'm a no."

... Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), a bulky former Notre Dame football player, gave a rousing football-themed speech and said he would vote for the bill. He told colleagues they needed to do three things: Put on your helmet, put in your mouthpiece and tighten your chin strap. He gave out signs with the Notre Dame football saying, "Play like a champion today."

"Let's kick the s-- out of them," Kelly said in the meeting, according to several sources.

I'm not certain who "them" is. Nevertheless, this infantilism seems like a baby step up from the infantilism where they watch movie clip about psychopath felons preparing to break legs before voting.

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