Thursday, July 28, 2011


As John Boehner passed through the halls of Congress today, Politico noted the following:

On his way to meetings with fellow Republicans on the debt limit vote, Speaker of the House John Boehner said to reporters outside the caucus room, "it's a zippity doo dah day."

Is Boehner channeling the second line of this treacly #1 country hit from 1972 (which also nearly made the pop Top Ten)?

Various lyrics sites tell me that the actual line in the song is even ickier -- "it's a skippidy doo dah day." But even though I haven't heard the damn song in nearly 40 years, its presence on Top 40 radio back then lodged it in my brain like shrapnel near a nerve, and, to my regret, I've never forgotten it, and I always thought the lyric was "zippity." In any case, if that's what Boehner had in mind, it's an odd thing for his brain to cough up. (And boy, heartlanders sure were playing cultural see-no-evil back in those not-exactly-placid days, weren't they?)

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