Thursday, July 14, 2011


You know what I love about this?

The Great Light Bulb Debate of 2011 isn't over yet.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) on Wednesday filed an amendment to the Energy and Water spending bill that would prohibit the Energy Department from requiring traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more energy efficient.

The amendment does not include language prohibiting states from adopting their own standards. That language was included in a bill doing away with the light bulb standards from fellow Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton that failed on the House floor Tuesday....

And this?

The Republican-dominated Texas Legislature and Republican Gov. Rick Perry, seeing a case of federal overreach, enacted a law this year that exempts Texas from new energy standards that were signed into law by a Republican president from Texas, George W. Bush. Manufacturers could make and sell traditional incandescent light bulbs within the state, though no lighting manufacturers currently operate here.

Here's what I love about it: I truly believe that the next time Ted Nugent does something like this...

... he's going to holding a 100-watt Sylvania in his hand.

Yee-haw! Rocknroll!

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