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World Net Daily has posted three stories in the past 48 hours on the subject of an eBay seller who claims to have (and we all should have seen this coming) a Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate. Story #1:

With dozens of lawsuits filed over access to Barack Obama's certified long-form birth certificate, many more lawyers working on his behalf to keep it secret and the validity of the U.S. Constitution hanging in the balance, guess where a "certified copy" of the original Mombasa "document" has been found?

On eBay.

Item No. 160344928067, at least as of today, is described as "a certified copy of President Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate." ...

The seller, identified by the user name " colmado_naranja," states, "President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in The Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya at 7:24 PM on August 4th, 1961."

So, what does it look like? Ah, there's the rub:

... "I am not posting any photos of the birth certificate here on eBay. I have not seen this birth certificate anywhere on the Internet, to post it here on eBay would lead to a flood of facsimiles on the Internet. This would inadvertently decrease the value of the certificate as well," the seller said.

A later story reported that the listing had been "twice scrubbed by eBay -- But seller of 'Obama's birth certificate' dodges administrators to post 3rd time." And in a third story we learn that the document can't possibly be real according to ... um, that incredibly reliable truth-teller Jerome Corsi:

WND's senior staff writer, Jerome Corsi, traveled to Kenya in 2008 to look into Obama's past and remaining ties to the nation....

Corsi told WND that despite contacts in government offices, the help of others and even the offer of financial reward, the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa would not confirm Obama's birth there nor provide access to records.

"When I was there, I tried to get records from that hospital, but I couldn't do it," Corsi said. "The hospital either had no records or wouldn't release them.

"That's what makes me skeptical," Corsi continued. "How did [colmado_naranja] get the birth certificate, if it's real?"

Hey -- if anyone should have gotten this phony-baloney document, it's me!

Oh, and colmado_naranja has now tried to post the item four times, and those pesky eBay people keep scrubbing the listing -- even though, starting with listing #3, colmado said he wasn't actually selling the birth-certificate-you-can't-see anymore:

Under its now third eBay number, 160345002984, the item up for sale is listed as a "story" and specifically states the document is a gift to the winner, not the object of bidding itself:

"I'm now auctioning my story (true story) of how I obtained U.S. President Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate," the listing states. "The winner of this auction will not bear copyrights to my story. However, along with my story the winning bidder will also take home U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's Kenyan (African) birth certificate. Certified birth certificate. I am giving the birth certificate to the bidder that wins this auction, which is for my story."

Just to be certain, the listing restates, "You are not bidding on Barack Obama's Kenyan birth certificate in this eBay auction."

Glad to have that cleared up. Oh, and we're reminded that WND's founder, Joseph Farah, is posting this billboard on American highway (or at least, so far, on Pennsylvania's Highway 78):

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And meanwhile, self-appointed linguistic sleuth Jack Cashill, whom I told you about last fall, is persisting in his campaign to prove that Bill Ayers wrote Barack Obama's first book; he now claims a pseudonymous "Mr. West" has provided him "759 matches" between Ayers's books and Obama's Dreams from My Father (no, I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a "match"), all of them "C-level or above" (no, I'm not sure what that means either). The "matches" includes the likes of this:

Ayers is fixated with faces, especially eyes. He writes of "sparkling" eyes, "shining" eyes, "laughing" eyes, "twinkling" eyes, eyes "like ice," and people who are "wide-eyed" and "dark-eyed."

As it happens, Obama is also fixated with faces, especially eyes. He also writes of "sparkling" eyes, "shining" eyes, "laughing" eyes, "twinkling" eyes, and uses the phrases "wide-eyed" and "dark-eyed." Obama adds "smoldering eyes," "smoldering" being a word that he and Ayers inject repeatedly.

(For the record, a search of Dreams from My Father at Amazon finds that the word "smoldering" shows up exactly twice in the 480-page book, only once in reference to eyes. It shows up five times in Ayers's Fugitive Days -- but never in reference to eyes.)

Can't you people come up with better nutball conspiracy theories than these?

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