Friday, June 12, 2009


The National Organization for Woman has put David Letterman in its "Media Hall of Shame," and right-wingers' brains may explode: utterly shocked, Hot Air's Allahpundit writes, "Oh my," while Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard writes, "I’m frankly, pleasantly surprised about this."


Do they have any idea what the history of this (fairly recent) "award" is? If not, are they capable of clicking on a few links? Sure, right-wingers have been very frequent honorees, but during the 2008 campaign Keith Olbermann won a solo award and also shared a separate award with his NBC/MSNBC colleagues; Randi Rhodes won an award; and, hell, even Ludacris, the target of some long-ago Bill O'Reilly two-minute hates, won an award. (Yes! Liberals criticizing a black rapper! It happens!)

And the first post-election winner was Obama speechwriter and life-size Hillary cutout groper Jon Favreau. (CORRECTION: It was a Washington Post columnist charged with "making light" of Favreau's actions.)

(Oh, and Chris Matthews, whom right-wingers regard as an unswerving lefty, has won or shared three awards, while similarly misidentified liberal Maureen Dowd has won a pair.)

See, the prime issue for NOW is feminism. It isn't getting Democrats elected. I know this is utterly baffling to right-wingers, for whom getting Republicans (or at least right-wingers) elected is the be-all and end-all. But that's the way it is.

Oh, and I guess, according to the right's new rules of political affiliation, all this makes NOW right-wing, doesn't it?

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