Monday, June 08, 2009


I see that after slamming Barack Obama for his pro-choice stance, first on the campaign trail last fall and then later this past spring at a Right to Life dinner in Indiana, Sarah Palin found time yesterday during her New York trip to attend a Yankee game with ... um, the pro-choice Rudy Giuliani:

...Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose presidential aspirations collapsed in humiliating defeat in Florida last year, and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the failed GOP veep pick, enjoyed a game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

The GOP political duo and their spouses exchanged laughs, smiles and small talk as they watched the Yanks take on Tampa Bay....

Giuliani invited the Palins to the game when he learned they would be in town this weekend....

Palin, of course, also criticized Notre Dame for inviting Barack Obama to speak at its commencement. Apparently it doesn't bother her that Giuliani was also the target of anti-abortion anger in 2005 when he gave a commencement address at Maryland's Loyola College.

This isn't the first time Giuliani and Palin have been linked in print. As I've noted a couple of times, way back in the fall of 2007, when hardly anyone outside Alaska had ever heard of Palin, a frou-frou magazine called Monocle reported that there'd been "gossip" about the possibility that Palin might be the then-GOP front-runner Giuliani's running mate. It's not clear whether that was the result of talk from one or both of the politicians' camps -- it's also possible that some Palin-besotted neoconservative Great Mentioner, possibly Fred Barnes or Bill Kristol, started the rumor, hoping to build a GOP dream ticket for '08 -- but it's interesting to see that the two pols truly get along, and aren't letting a little thing like core moral principles stand in the way of a political friendship.

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