Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yes, the president's decision to try to block release of the torture photos is infuriating our side, but hey, maybe we can get our pals on the other side to press for the photos' release -- I see that Lucianne Goldberg is citing this story from a news organization that's usually one of her nemeses, McClatchy:

The timing of the president's decision suggests that a key factor behind his switch of position could have been a desire to prevent the release of the photos before a speech that he's to give June 4 in Egypt aimed at convincing the world's Muslims that the United States isn't at war with them. The pictures' release shortly before the speech could have negated its goal and proved highly embarrassing. Even if courts ultimately reject Obama's new position, the time needed for their consideration could delay the photos' release until long after the speech.

If this becomes a meme on the right -- and I can easily imagine Limbaugh fulminating about the Messiah blah blah blah not wanting to ruin his Paris Hilton moment blah blah blah -- maybe you'll have some of the 'nuts actively demanding the release of the photos. Maybe Bush holdovers in the Defense Department or CIA will actually leak the damn things just to make trouble for Obama.

I'm being half serious (at most). But hey, you never know.

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