Tuesday, May 26, 2009


John Cole on Sonia Sotomayor:

Who will be the first to compare her to J-Lo?

I'll go even more low-rent:

Who will be the first to upload a Sotomayor video set to "America" from West Side Story?

Who'll be the first to Photoshop braces on her and compare her to Ugly Betty? (Yes, I know Betty's supposed to be Mexican-American.)

Who'll make the first maid joke?

Who'll make the first joke about stealing hubcaps? (That's easy -- Jackie Mason, who still does jokes about Puerto Ricans stealing hubcaps and doesn't get crap for them because no one under the age of fifty understands them.)

Or maybe we've really outgrown this crap, and it'll be confined to the fringes of the fringes?

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