Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ah, now I see why Alan Keyes is so worked up about Barack Obama's citizenship status: because if Obama is deceiving us and he gets away with it, America will inevitably enter a period of bloody, murderous totalitarian repression!

The connection is undeniable:

...If Barack Obama is allowed to assume the office of president without positively establishing his eligibility under the Constitution, it will set a precedent for exempting the allocation of executive power from constitutional restrictions on the pretext that majority support overrules constitutional authority, popularity supersedes the fundamental law. Obviously, this is a recipe for the establishment of democratic dictatorship, like that which characterized the revolutionary first republic in France and licensed its murderous excesses.


It is the counterpart of the "democratic people's republics" in whose name countless millions were imprisoned and killed by oppressive party dictatorships in the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, etc.

In an era when the insecurity implied by the threat of terrorist attack already overshadows our liberties, only one thing may be more dangerous to our freedom than such a precedent – the fact that it comes about because of the ignorance, fear, or selfish ambition of those sworn to uphold the Constitution. If they lack the character to do so now, before abuses of executive power create an environment of physical fear and intimidation, what must we expect once those abuses produce their inevitable effect? The people mesmerized by his tinsel rhetoric may expect Obama to resist the temptations of demagogic tyranny, but if he assumes office knowing that in doing so he has already successfully set aside the Constitution, no reasonable person could agree with them....

What I love about this is the undergraduate-philosophy-student line of reasoning -- that, if Obama really is getting away with something with regard to his birth status, world-historic levels of repression are unavoidable, because anything less just doesn't follow logically:

MWAHAHAHAHAHA! My subjects, you have permitted me to violate the terms of the Constitution by first selecting me as your new president and then allowing me to take the oath of office -- even though I was not, in fact, qualified to serve. Now -- prepare to suffer horribly and die painfully. Do not attempt to beg for mercy. The brief time you have remaining will be a living hell -- I will now suspend all laws, civil and moral, and subject you to unspeakable cruelties. I HAVE NO CHOICE! I AM REQUIRED TO DO SO -- CATEGORICALLY!!!!

(Keyes did study political philosophy with Allan Bloom at Cornell. A little learning is a dangerous thing....)

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