Friday, December 05, 2008


From Babalu Blog:

No matter what those constipated, asswipes, progressive, leftist, unrepentant, Godless, self serving elitist wanker, hypocrite, pansy, girlie men, che loving, obsessive compulsive, anti Semite, anti Christian, pro islamic terrorist, pro castro, pro chavez, mofos, horesh*t eating, penis breath, liberals out there have to say, especially those self grandious wanks who have nothing better to do than to obsess with what we write over here, who purport to get their only action at the local strip club, but fail, and who insist that global warming is the causes of their emasculation and mental impotence, and who feel that they have a right to marry goats, have to say about President Bush, . . . he has kept us safe since 9/11. They don't want to admit it. They like to say things are more dangerous here today than they were pre 9/11, but the fact is they are so full of caca that they will come up with some other inane argument (stolen from Noam Chomsky) to say something to the contrary. They're tearing down their Obama altars since they are pissed that not enough "progressives" have been appointed to the cabinet, and will continue to blame Bush for everything including the festering sores on their bodies.

Wow, that's telling us, hunh? I guess that's why the GOP is called "the party of ideas."

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