Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm out of here until December 31. I think there'll be guest bloggers here while I'm gone (right?), but if not, I'll be back in a week or so.

Sorry I'm not leaving you with any amusing holiday videos or JPEGs, but I'm having a cranky Christmas season; I'll try to be cheerier in the New Year. For now, maybe I'll get to stop thinking about Rick Warren (I'm angry, but I'm tired of the subject), the essential non-connection of Obama to Blagojevichgate (how many ways can the right make nothing seem sinister?), and the whole Yglesias/CAP thing (which I've never even begun to give a crap about, nor do I plan to).

Oh well, I do like the fact that this is happening on Long Island in Westchester County, New York:*

When they lit the town Christmas tree in Armonk last week, there was a Jewish menorah right alongside, as usual. There also was something new this year -- an Islamic crescent and star.

And if there are any local Buddhists or Hindus in the Westchester County town who want to see their symbols as well, the village is welcoming applications.

...Craig Mason, 63, a retired town resident, said he had no strong religious feelings but felt the display "says nice things about the people here, about how we welcome everyone." ...

But hey -- no Festivus pole? Oh, wait -- there's one in the Capitol rotunda in Springfield, Illinois. I feel enjoyably aggrieved.

*Oops. I'd had a bit of Christmas cheer when I posted this, though the actual cheer part didn't seem to take.

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