Thursday, November 20, 2008


Gallup reports today that only 34% of Americans now have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, compared with 61% who don't.

And gee, apart from the incompetence, the criminality, and the McCarthyism, why would that be? Hmmm ... perhaps the utter contempt for anyone who disagrees with them, and the obsession with demonstrating their own moral and intellectual superiority, even if they have to cheat to do so?

Case in point: the GOP's favorite online guy, Matt Drudge, has had this up on his site for nearly 24 hours:

Message: Democratic politicians are evil cheating poopyheads! (Drudge's source is this post from a Minneapolis Star Tribune blog.)

But now Minnesota Public Radio has let us see a few more challenged ballots -- including these being challenged by Norm Coleman:

WHAT?! You mean both sides are challenging some ballots that seem unchallengeable? You mean Democrats aren't uniquely evil?

(If you go to the post, you can also see Franken-challenged ballots that don't seem challengeable, as well as some genuine posers.)

I trust the good and fair-minded people of Minnesota to straighten all this out, and I'm crossing my fingers in the hope that Drudge no longer rules our world and the MPR post will make clear to the media that neither side has a monopoly on questionable challenges.

But whatever happens, the GOP base will go to their graves believing FRANKEN CHEATED!!!!! And Republicans hate us all because we don't see this their way.

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