Friday, November 14, 2008


Just an update from the outer fringes of the outer fringes: Yesterday I saw that righty blogger MacRanger had not given up on the Obama-wasn't-born-in-America story, and was flogging a video in which, at about 0:35, a woman identified as Barack Obama's African grandmother says, or seems to say, that Barack "nate dhalani" -- which, we're informed, means "is a child of this village" and therefore means he "was born in this village." OMG HE'S AN AFRICAN!!!

But another voice tells us that video's authenticity has already been cast in doubt -- the voice of (yes, another occupant of the anti-Obama Klown Kar) Larry Sinclair, "the wanted, formerly incarcerated crazy person" (in the words of Slate) who claims he had sex and did drugs with Barack Obama in the 1990s and also says Obama and a murdered gay choirmaster in Chicago were lovers, and who was arrested at a press conference he held in D.C. to try to squeeze some fame out of these utterly preposterous allegations. Hey, it takes a loon to debunk a loon, right? Or something like that. Oh, and Sinclair implies that the video is probably a fraud generated by the Obama camp to smear (wait for it) ... Phil Berg, who (as I noted on Tuesday) is on the outs with Andy Martin, another anti-Obama crazy who thinks Obama was born in Hawaii (but Barack Obama Sr. wasn't his father), while Berg thinks he was born in Kenya! (Berg, as I explained on Tuesday, has filed multiple lawsuits attempting to get Obama disqualified for the presidency, and was retained by the Web site African Press International, which claimed to have a Michelle Obama rant tape -- no, not the "whitey" tape -- which, wouldn't you know it, has never surfaced.)

Can we just lock all these people in a padded room and slip food in to them through a slot in a heavily fortified door?

Here's the video:

Here's Larry:

I put up a post telling people yesterday a "video" link claiming to be the "smoking gun...." was not associated with Phil Berg and was in fact a scam just like the Axelrod orchestrated API fraud.

People said I was wrong, that it was a Berg video.

Maybe this will make it clear I only post things that I know to be true.

He then quotes an e-mail from "Bishop McRae" of the "Anabaptists Churches of North America," who says the Swahili is wrong and adds,

I think it is an Obama attempt to get Phil's name connected to a bogus translation.

So Sinclair thinks David Axelrod of the Obama campaign "orchestrated API [African Press International] fraud" -- that he actually went to the trouble to get an obscure Web site to claim that there was a rant tape from his own candidate's wife, a story no one but crazies and a few blogosphere freak-voyeurs (such as yours truly) ever noticed, just to discredit this Berg guy. And Sinclair's pal the bishop thinks a crude YouTube video casting doubt on Obama's birth story was also created by the Obama camp, for the same reason.

Because, I guess, the Obama people have nothing better to do.

Oh, and the best part? The little avatar of the person who posted the video at YouTube? It's a picture of Alan Keyes.

More craziness to come, I'm sure.

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