Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This doesn't sound promising:

Michael Moore, look out. Rick Santorum is getting into the documentary filmmaking business and he's out to tell ''the other side of the story.''

...The first project, Santorum said, would explore the relationship between radical Islam and the radical leftists in various countries around the world, including Latin America. It would be about an hour in length.

The second would be a longer, broader documentary that he said would aim to ''change the culture of America.'' He declined to go into specifics about the proposal.

''Politics and political dialogue has some impact on America but changing the culture has a much bigger impact,'' Santorum said....

Santorum intends to "change the culture of America'' with his magnum opus? Hmmm....

John L. Sullivan: I want this picture to be a... document. I want to hold a mirror up to life. I want this to be a picture of dignity... a true canvas of the suffering of humanity.

LeBrand: But with a little sex in it.

John L. Sullivan:
[reluctantly] But with a little sex in it.

--Sullivan's Travels (1941)

Yeah, I'm having visions of Ricky going underground disguised as a fetus with gay parents who was killed by Islamofascists. Or something like that. Actually, I'm sure the point will be that some of these Libertas types will make the magnum opus and then Ricky will spend a day narrating the film (a la Eric Idle in The Rutles) and pretending it's his work. The finished product will be dull as dishwater, it will bomb at the box office, and Michael Medved will blame Barbra Streisand.

(Via DU.)

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