Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Glancing at the Site Meter reports of traffic to my blog a little while ago, I saw a couple of hits coming in from D.C. -- one of them from the Department of Justice (Site Meter shows me the name of the Internet service provider; this was The DOJ hit came as the result of a Google search for Alberto Gonzales; the other one came as the result of a Google search for Laurence Silberman.

Maybe I'm making too much of this, but is Laurence Silberman being considered to replace Gonzales? Is he being Googled to determine what negative reaction there'll be from us crazies in Left Blogistan?

My Silberman post (in which David Brock talks about the involvement of Silberman and his wife in his efforts to smear Anita Hill and Bill Clinton) is here; more on that and other subjects here and here.


UPDATE, MARCH 19: I see from the Politico that the White House is weighing possible replacements for Gonzales -- and Silberman is on the list. Maybe I was right about those Google searches.

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