Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I don't believe for a second that Dick Cheney is going to resign, either openly in reaction to the Libby verdict or using the blood clot as an excuse.

But if it were to happen, who'd replace him? This righty blogger seems to be rooting for Fred Thompson, a guy an awful lot of right-wingers seem to want to run for president. (Aren't these the people who sneer at "Hollywood liberals"? And yeah, I know Thompson wasn't always an actor, but, er, he is an actor now.)

I don't think it'll be Fred. If Cheney does go, I think I know who'll replace him.

Who never abandons Bush? Who's an eminence grise in the Senate with the admiration of everyone from Marty Peretz to Ann Coulter? And, most important, who is so unafraid of feeling tainted by this administration that yesterday he was willing to walk next to Cheney himself in sight of a photographer for The New York Times?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you George W. Bush's next vice president if Dick Cheney does resign: Joe Lieberman.


UPDATE: I see that picture also made TBogg do a spit-take.

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