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I'm going to be a contrarian and say that the Giuliani story from today's news that will hurt him the most in the GOP primaries isn't the one you think.

"Testimony by Giuliani Indicates He Was Briefed on Kerik in ’00"? Over at Free Republic, they're just shrugging that off as a New York Times hit piece:

Does anyone actually buy this paper.


even if it had a circulation of zero - it would not matter. The new york times is the "head of the snake" in the media complex, it gives the marching orders to the networks and small market papers, for what stories to run with. they don't report the news, they make it.


The N.Y. Times has a very long record of doing not only major hit pieces on Rudy, but also as being one of the tentacles of the Clinton octopus team.

The story that's really going to hurt him with Republicans? This one:

Rudolph W. Giuliani says that if he were president, his wife would be permitted to attend cabinet meetings and advise him on federal policy, an unusually overt role in government decision-making for a first lady.

Mr. Giuliani made the remarks Tuesday in an interview that he and his wife, Judith, gave to Barbara Walters for broadcast tonight on the ABC News television program "20/20." ...

Asked by Ms. Walters how much of a role Mrs. Giuliani would have in his campaign, Mr. Giuliani said, "As much as she wants."

Asked if she would be involved in policy decisions, he said: "To the extent she wants to be. I couldn't have a better adviser."

As for cabinet meetings, she would sit in "if she wanted to," Mr. Giuliani said, adding: "If they were relevant to something that she was interested in. I mean, that would be something that I’d be very, very comfortable with." ...

You know this stings because has gone into desperate nothing-to-see-here-move-along mode...

At least she wouldn't be president. NYTimes takes innocuous interview answer and blows it into a hit on Rudy

...while over at Free Republic they're reacting to the Washington Post's story about this with a combination of horror and despair:

IMO, this is not a smart move. Not smart at all.


Oh, jeez, another Co-President?


Really going after those Clinton democrats.


Trying to appease errr.......I mean, win the female votes.... what if ALL the cabinet members brought in their spouses or lovers to the meetings? In fact bring the pets too. D.C. is just a collection of smelly Zoo animals rough tough NY Rudy needs his Judy to rub his baldy head at the WH meetings.....WUSS....


Could Foley bring his young page boy?


Let's see. His wife is a nurse so she will set in on discussions regarding the nations health care needs. Well isn't that just special! I was a railroad engineer, does that mean I can set in and help develop a master plan for the nation's transportation system? This is a bad as a actor who played a farmer giving testimony before congress on the needs of farmers.

The more Rudy talks the less I like.


Vote for a Clinton clone, get a Clinton clone.

And this won't even hit the national airwaves until tonight.

"Buy one, get one free" really ticked off the right in the Clinton years. I'm not sure I can figure out the exact rules -- Republicans don't mind that Liddy Dole held various high-powered jobs, began a run for president, and wound up in the Senate; a lot of Repubs, of course would vote for Condi Rice for president. But I think when a man is involved, the little woman is supposed to either go do something unrelated or hang back and be a deferential helpmeet until he steps aside. Then she has permission to speak up. Or something like that.



Debbie Schussel, November 14, 2006:

Every day, I'm asked whom I'm supporting for President in 2008. I've looked over the potential candidates, and on the Republican side, I believe the best, by far, is Rudy Giuliani....

... for those who want to know who I'm supporting for Prez, I say, "Viva Rudy." America's Mayor has what it takes to be America's President.

Debbie Schussel today, on the Rudi-Judi story:

... Whoa! That is NOT what we want. We've had enough of Hillary playing President when her husband was elected, enough of her secret health care policy confabs. It reminds me of Slick Willie's "You get two for the price of one" slogan. Sorry, but if I wanted a bargain, I'd go to Filene's Basement or TJ Maxx, not the polling booth in a Presidential election.

And I have the same rejoinder for this unwelcome news about Mrs. Giuliani that I always had about Hillary:

She was NOT on my ballot.

Not sure why Rudy thinks this is good news to any of our ears. But here's a newsflash about the First Lady . . . any First Lady:

She's not the President. She's not on the ballot. She should have no say in any policy or even the appearance thereof.

...Please, Mr. Giuliani. Another Hillary Rodham Cankles administration we don't need.

I really think this is a big deal.

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