Friday, November 19, 2004

So a couple of nights ago -- stop me if you've heard this already -- the Bush daughters tried to get into a restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Here's what happened, according to the gossip column at Gawker:

Freemans tuesday night the 16th of nov. the bush twins along with 2 massive secret service men tried to have dinner they were told by the maitre 'd that they were full and would be for the next 4 years upon hearing the entire restaurant cheered and did a round of shots it was amazing!!!

Quite amusing (though I can imagine it will be described as a hate crime on right-wing blogs).

Now, even though I live here, I've never been to this particular restaurant. So I looked it up at Citysearch, just to see what kind of dining experience les soeurs Bush had in mind. It turns out that the place is frequented by "the uber-hip" and has "tattoed, waifish servers." And one of its best appetizers -- 'scuse me, starters -- is "nicely gamey wild boar pâté served with a few smashed raspberries and cornichon."

Er, what was that again about John Kerry and his effete, un-American fondness for green tea?

(Gawker link via Steve Gilliard. Thanks to Phil for the tip.)

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