Saturday, November 06, 2004

OK -- we're all trying to figure out what the Democrats should do next. Now imagine this: It's a few days after Election Day 1988. The Democrats have just lost their third straight presidential election. As the usual soul-searching goes on, someone says this:

"I know what we have to do to win the next time around. Let's pick a small-state governor with no foreign policy experience who's frequently accused of womanizing and draft dodging during Vietnam. His wife should be a brainy feminist attorney who makes far more money than he does and who didn't take his name when they got married. His running mate should be a wonky senator who writes books on the side about environmentalism.

"Oh, and because I have a crystal ball that sees three years into the future, I can tell you that George Bush is going to wage a successful war in 1991 that will get him to a 90% approval rating. But don't worry, my plan will work like a charm."

What would you think? You'd think this person was nuts.

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