Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well, you just knew Chuck "From God's Lips to My Ears" Colson would blame Abu Ghraib on porn:

Why did it even occur to our soldiers today to molest and embarrass these prisoners sexually? I think it is in part because we live in a pornography-soaked culture. You can’t turn on the television without seeing it. The number of movies that you can watch is minimal because so many are filled with moral rot, four-letter words, and brazen sex acts. The Internet is full of pornography, and when we make efforts to curb it, the courts strike them down. And so our kids are raised in this kind of garbage.

Then when they become MPs in a prison in Iraq, they don’t pull out the fingernails or set off loud radios to harass prisoners. Instead they strip them and make them pose in pretend sex acts -- just like pornography. And then they film it -- incredible.

Yeah, right. Trained interrogators didn't tell the MPs how to sexually humiliate the prisoners. The MPs just made it all up on their own. I guess it's all the fault of that "nude rugby scrum" porn the kids are so into these days.

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