Monday, May 10, 2004

Remember "Hillary the enabler"? Well, when Hillary enabled, nobody was stripped naked and attacked by angry dogs:

‘Can’t Bear to Look’: First Lady Says She and President Are ‘Anguished’ Over Abu Ghraib Prison Images

As the Bush administration braces for the anticipated release of more images revealing the alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners, first lady Laura Bush says her husband, along with most Americans, struggles with each new image that surfaces.

The first lady told ABCNEWS'
Good Morning America that she and the president are "very anguished" over the issue. "To be perfectly frank, I can't bear to look at the ones [pictures] that have been in the newspaper," she said....

That's from ABC's story about the interview. AFP quotes more, and we see that (a) Laura's pretending this was some inexplicable aberration and (b) she's feeding us the standard Bush line, which is that it's just so unfair to criticize us when we've built so many schools, darn it!

"Those photographs don't represent America. They don't represent our troops. And they don't represent the way people in the United States of America think or act, Laura Bush added. "It is not a fair picture of the United States military"

"When we look at what we have done in Iraq where -- you know they have water, they have electricity, schools have been refurbished. I'm working on building a children's hospital in Iraq," the US first lady said.

"In Afghanistan), where little girls are in school for the first time in their lives because they have been liberated from the Taliban, I think all of those are the really good things that the United States military and the actions of the United States government have taken. We need to remind the world of that as well," Laura Bush said....

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