Sunday, May 16, 2004

I heard Bush's radio address yesterday. Sometimes I think he does this stuff just to piss me off:

Good morning. This week, our nation was sickened by the murder of an American civilian, Nicholas Berg. The savage execution of this innocent man reminds us of the true nature of our terrorist enemy, and of the stakes in this struggle. The terrorists rejoice in the killing of the innocent, and have promised similar violence against Americans, against all free peoples, and against any Muslims who reject their ideology of murder. Their barbarism cannot be appeased, and their hatred cannot be satisfied. There's only one way to deal with terror: We must confront the enemy and stay on the offensive until these killers are defeated....

"Enemy" -- singular. As if everyone who's fighting us is part of one unified terrorist force. He's unfit to hold office just for continue to spread this lie.

(By the way, Kerry gave the response. It was good.)

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