Wednesday, November 02, 2022


You probably assume that right-wingers are thrilled by Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter. I certainly thought they were. But apparently not anymore.

Here's Breitbart, reporting news that previously appeared in the New York Post:
Elon Musk is standing by Yoel Roth as Twitter’s “Head of Safety & Integrity,” a notoriously left-wing employee with a history of fiery political tweets who previously equated members of the Trump administration with Nazis.
The Breitbart story reproduces this exchange between Musk and Liz Wheeler, a right-wing podcaster:

Here's what's upsetting Wheeler:

Mr. Pizzagate, Jack Posobiec, is angry, too:

Also upset is the right-wing influencer Catturd, who became famous for being repeatedly retweeted by Donald Trump early in 2020:

Catturd also thinks Twitter is repressing his tweety brilliance:

Musk may actually try to mollify advertisers by putting some effort into keeping Twitter bearable for people who aren't right-wing trolls, predators, and shitposters. But to his conservative fan base, that won't be acceptable. He's supposed to turn Twitter into 8chan with Gab overtones.

The right doesn't want free speech. The right wants complete dominance of the culture. If Musk can't give right-wingers that, they'll conclude that he's a RINO -- or a Democrat.

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