Thursday, November 03, 2022


I woke up this morning to a tweet from Sebastian Gorka:

News reports say that Don Bolduc, a former general who's now the Republican Senate candidate in New Hampshire, was attacked last night before a debate with Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan. So, after all your talk about political violence fomented by the GOP, what do you have to say for yourselves now, Democrats?

Well, the first thing that needs to be said is that the alleged attacker was not a Democrat, or a liberal, or a leftist:
A man who approached Republican Don Bolduc before Wednesday night's Granite State Debate at Saint Anselm College, leading to what police called a "disturbance," is facing charges.

Joseph Hart, 37, of Greenville, Rhode Island, is charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, according to Goffstown police....

According to the Free Keene group, Hart is a "Libertarian activist."
Free Keene is a libertarian organization based in Keene, New Hampshire. Joseph Hart, known online as Joa, is based in Rhode Island, but is close to the libertarian movement in New Hampshire, which is two hours or so from his home.

So the attacker wasn't on our side -- and video evidence suggests that he wasn't even an attacker:
Libertarian activist Ian Freeman says Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Don Bolduc lied about being hit by activist Joseph Hart before Bolduc’s debate with Democratic U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan at Saint Anselm College Wednesday night.

Freeman posted a blog post on Thursday morning and provided video clips from two angles of the incident in which Bolduc can be seen summoning police and yelling, “He hit me” several times.

... Bolduc’s campaign spokesman Kate Constantini provided a statement to calling what happened an “attempted punch.”

... Freeman said in his blog: “Joa never threw a punch nor did he even try to touch Bolduc. He did approach him and yell at him about being a warmonger, that’s it. Bolduc on the other hand immediately pointed Joa out to police, who then took him into custody as Bolduc yelled, “He hit me!” multiple times.

“The video clearly shows that it was in fact Bolduc who hit Joa, then feigning that he’d been hurt in the same arm with which he hit Joa. Bolduc’s supporters then roughed up Joa even further, but police didn’t arrest any of them,” Freeman wrote.
Watch the video. It seems clear to me that Hart never hit Bolduc:

So Hart is a non-Democrat guilty of a non-attack. But at RedState, Republican propagandist Jazz Shaw tells us that this is all our fault anyway:
The attempted assailant was simply described as a “libertarian activist.” ...

So since this is apparently the game we’re all supposed to be playing, who is to blame for “fomenting” this violence? Well, Hassan has been out on the trail “warning” voters about Bolduc’s endorsement by Donald Trump and the dangers posed by all of the mega-MAGA election deniers. Bolduc is a threat to the very fabric of democracy! Is it any wonder that one of her loyal, libertarian-anarchist supporters decided to try to attack the General? Perhaps Joe Biden could find room for this incident in his next speech.
You can see a video on Hart's YouTube page lamenting the fact that the Libertarian candidate in the New Hampshire race was excluded from this debate, so I'm pretty sure Hart isn't one of Hassan's supporters.

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit posts a story on the non-attack that includes a tweet clearly identifying the non-assailant as a Libertarian. But don't confuse GP's readers with the facts, because they already know who's to blame:
Here's your political violence you were speaking about yesterday, Joe Biden.


Communism, the party of peace and love.


Biden is violence


And yet, nothing but crickets on press coverage. Left wing media encourage violence through racisim and division everyday while the demoncrats enable it. Our silence is not complicity, we don't promote, condone, encourage or conduct actions of violence for political cause. Imagine if this was reversed!?


Dems are obviously the real danger to America


Simple fact what ever the left accuses you of . They're doing, Saul Alinsky...


They are either going to cheat more than 2020, or by Wednesday night the streets in numerous cities will be on fire from sky screaming idiots.


I believe the left will try some evil deeds to halt voting.


Good chance.
Something will happen over the weekend I think.


Time to Punch back and knock some teeth out of the Left.
Right-wing thought leaders have worked extremely hard to concoct bogus alternative narratives of the attack on Paul Pelosi -- but I don't know why they bother. Even when Republicans aren't disputing plain facts about an incident that clearly exonerate our side, they still say we're guilty.

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