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I'm bored with Donald Trump, so instead of talking about last night's announcement, I'd like to talk about the lead story at at 8:45 last night, just before Trump spoke.
Fetterman's wife hammered for photo of her posing by senator-elect’s office with husband partly cropped out

One user commented, 'First day for Senator-elect Gisele Fetterman'
Trump was about to announce, and it appeared that Russia had fired a missile into Poland, but that, in the judgment of the Fox News web team, was the most important story of the evening.

Fox really wants to turn Gisele Fetterman into a shrill succubus harpy, following the same playbook the GOP and the right-wing media use with Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, and any other liberal or progressive woman who's not shy or apologetic. Here's the story:
Twitter critics slammed Gisele Barreto Fetterman for posting a photo of herself outside the senator-elect’s office with her husband, John Fetterman, partially cropped out of the image.

Users mocked the photo for seemingly depicting Mrs. Fetterman as having achieved her fifteen minutes of fame. Some insisted the photo was her leaning into the claim that she was the actual Senate candidate all along, thanks her husband’s cognitive issues caused by his stroke last May.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Fetterman posted the first image outside the senator-elect's new office. In the photo, which depicted the Democrat ditching his usual hoodie and shorts combo for a suit and tie, the couple stood next to the office placard, which read, "SENATOR-ELECT John Fetterman: Pennsylvania SD -B4OB."

The caption on Mrs. Fetterman’s photo read, "First Day," followed by three blue hearts.

Some conservatives on Twitter blasted the image, claiming it revealed how zealous Mrs. Fetterman was for her family to gain political power, even at the expense of her husband who’s dealing with health issues.
The possibility that John Fetterman wanted to stay in the race is never considered, of course.

So how horrible is this photo? You'd better sit down, and please ask the children to leave the room:

That's it. It's an off-center photo of the two of them.

There's more:
Claremont Institute Fellow David Reaboi shared the image, along with another one that depicts her and her husband hanging out with other Pennsylvania senators, which she captioned, "DC Date night. PA Senators in the house."

In the latter photo, half of Mr. Fetterman’s head appeared cropped out of the image.

Reaboi remarked, "I’ve never seen passive aggressive/contemptuous photo crops like this before. It’s wild."

Okay, that's a bit odd. But it seems to be meant in jest. Here's an exchange from a 2019 interview with Gisele:
There are lots of photos on Twitter of you with the Lt. Governor in which his head does not show, something that seems to be a running joke between the two of you. Please tell us about that. It’s been going on for a few years and I still giggle every time. John is very tall and when cropping for Instagram photos, I would lose my shoes if I left his head in there. The shoes won and they continue to win, every time.
And it's her social media. His is full of pictures of him. So why not?

Fox is obsessed with the idea that Gisele is power-mad. It seized on a Rolling Stone reporter's reference to Gisele as the "de facto candidate" in a tweet that was later deleted, and on President Biden's remark that she's "gonna be a great, great lady in the Senate." (C'mon, man. Biden -- whose wife is the First Lady, and used to be the Second Lady -- was probably trying to imagine a similar term for a senator's wife.)

Gisele was an undocumented immigrant when she came to America as a child; she's now a U.S. citizen. She's also a progressive activist. All of this and more led to a rant by Fox's Jesse Watters on October 21:
I'm picking up vibes that [Gisele Fetterman is] the real candidate here. "If you could switch jobs with your husband?" I'm also getting the sense that this is all a part of Gisele's plan. Not sure if she hatched it during the yoga retreat in Brazil or in John's parents’ basement, but there's something quite calculating about Gisele, which would make her the perfect senator, and the media is reading from the same script. They're admitting Pennsylvanians aren't just voting for John Fetterman. It's actually a package deal by voting for Gisele too.

They're already selling her like she's the one on the ballot. The Washington Post is saying she's forging on through her husband's heated Senate race and even Rolling Stone is calling her an "unlikely political star." They say Fetterman only offers high-fives and fist-bumps to his supporters and repeats a gruff thank you, but it's Gisele staying just a pace ahead of her husband, who takes the questions, accepts the compliments and carries on the conversations.
There's more:
Isn't this the craziest season yet? So if John wins, Gisele's coming to D.C. Has the bisexual Brazilian immigrant been vetted? I doubt it. But that's the point. They'll vote with Schumer one hundred percent of the time and Gisele becomes the star. You'll see her on MSNBC every week, on the cover of Vogue. When Hunter finds out she's bisexual, he'll make a run. I'm sure the Chinese already have a folder on her. Who knows, the Chinese may already have hacked into his computer translator machine. I'm sure the FBI's all over that. She's definitely not a Brazilian Fang Fang. That would really make the next season interesting.
Is she bisexual? I can't find a primary source on this, but right-wingers are certain she is. I don't know how the Watters monologue arrived at the subject of Fang Fang, a Chinese spy who targeted Eric Swalwell and other California politicans nearly a decade ago, but I think it's just that right-wingers believe Chinese names are inherently hilarious. (It's not just Trump.)

Gisele Fetterman could be the next Democratic woman to appear in campaign ads and memes nationwide depicted as a flesh-eating zombie or the Wicked Witch of the West -- because that's all right-wingers have got.

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