Tuesday, November 09, 2021


On Halloween, one of the top trending topics on Twitter was #PoopyPantsBiden. This happened after the appearance of the following tweet:

Snopes declared the rumor false:
At the end of October 2021, as U.S. President Joe Biden met with Pope Francis during the G20 summit, hashtags such as #poopypantsbiden and #poopgate started circulating on social media, along memes based on the unsubstantiated claim that the commander in chief had a “bathroom accident” during his trip....

There’s no evidence that this claim and the social media trend that sprang from it were based on anything other than idle gossip.

This claim wasn’t derived from photos or videos of Biden, or any credible news reports.
And now the morally bankrupt Roger Stone has posted this video:

When President John F. Kennedy was at the Vienna summit with Nikita Khrushchev, do you think he shit his pants? I mean, when Richard Nixon was working out a strategic arms limitation with Leonoid [sic] Brezhnev, do you think he soiled himself? When Jimmy Carter was working out the Camp David accords with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, do you think he was making room for lunch? I guarantee you when Donald Trump met with the Queen, he wasn't dropping a deuce. But Joe Biden shit his pants just before he met the Pope, and now all of America is crapping in their britches.
So what's the connection between Stone and the woman who posted this tweet?

Amy Tarkanian is the former chair of the Nevada Republican Party and the wife of perennial Republican political candidate Danny Tarkanian, who's now a member of the Douglas County Commission after previously running for House and Senate seats and various state offices. He's the son of college basketball coaching legend Jerry Tarkanian.

In 2018, when Danny Tarkanian was running (unsuccessfully) for a House seat from Nevada, Stone was the "special guest" at a Tarkanian fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.

After a supporter of Donald Trump sent pipe bombs to a number of Democratic and media figures in 2018, Amy Tarkanian retweeted several tweets from Laura Loomer, the conspiratorialist and hatemonger, casting doubt on the bomb story. Shortly afterward, Loomer had Thanksgiving dinner with Stone, whom The Miami Herald described as her "mentor." Stone would go on to endorse Loomer when she ran for a House seat in Florida in 2020.

None of this proves that Stone was present at the creation of this juvenile rumor, but these folks do seem to be a mutual admiration society, at least.

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