Tuesday, November 23, 2021


I just saw this at Gateway Pundit:
EPIC! Alex Jones to the Liz Cheney Jan. 6 Committee: I Will Only Testify If It Is Aired on CSPAN Where They Can’t Twist my Words

On Monday the sham January 6 Committee issued a new batch of subpoenas to five of President Trump’s allies.

The Marxist committee subpoenaed longtime political operative Roger Stone and Infowars host Alex Jones....

On Tuesday Alex Jones released a video on Infowars. Jones told his supporters there is no way he will testify behind closed doors in front of the demons on the committee. Alex does not intend on spending the rest of his life in prison because of Adam Schiff’s lies. Alex added that he will plead the fifth.

Alex insists the only way he will testify is if they air the entire struggle session on CSPAN where they cannot lie about his words.
Which means he wants a repeat of this CNN appearance from 2013:

Piers Morgan, a CNN host at the time, had been advocating gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. In response, Jones had posted a petition on the White House website calling for Morgan to be deported; the petition received more than 100,000 signatures.

How bad was this interview? Here's a transcript of the first question, followed by Jones's answer:
MORGAN: Why do you want to deport me?

JONES: Well, we did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners and the Russian government, the official Chinese government, [Mao] said political power goes out the barrel of a gun. [He] killed about 80 million people because he's the only guy that [had] the guns. So we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag that they've taken over in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it, brag that they're going to get our guns as well.

They've taken everybody's guns but the Swiss and the American people. And when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota.

The Second Amendment isn't there for duck hunting. It's there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs. Take the women in India. Your piece earlier on CNN I was watching during Anderson Cooper's show. Didn't tell you that the women of India have signed giant petitions to get firearms because the police can't and won't protect them. The answer is --


Wait a minute. I have FBI crime statistics that come out a year late, 2011, 20-plus percent crime drop in the last nine years. Real violent crime because more guns means less crime. Britain took the guns 15, 16 years ago. Tripling of your overall violent crime. True we have a higher gun violence level, but overall, muggings, stabbings, deaths, you -- those men raped that woman in India to death with an iron rod four feet long.

You can't ban the iron rods. The guns -- the iron rods, Piers, didn't do it, the tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns. Fidel Castro took the guns.

MORGAN: OK. How many --

JONES: Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. It doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?

That['s] why you're going to fail and the establishment knows no matter how much propaganda, the republic will rise again when you attempt to take our gun[s]. My family in the Texas revolution [against] Santa Ana. My family was at the core on both sides starting [that], because Santa Ana came to take the guns at Gonzalez, Texas.

Piers, don't try what your ancestors did before. Why don't you come to America, I'll take you out shooting. You can become an American and join the republic.

MORGAN: Are you finished?

JONES: Yes, I am finished. You will not take my right. You go through background checks to get guns. How about Prozac? You know the -- that's a big sponsor, isn't it? That whole class of drugs.

MORGAN: Let me ask you a question.

JONES: No, whoa, got to cut that off, don't you? Don't want to talk about -- the U.S. number one cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills.

MORGAN: Calm down. Calm down.

JONES: Your answers give more money to the psychiatrists and psychologists to put more crazy people on drugs so they could kill people, Piers.

MORGAN: Let's try and have a debate here.


MORGAN: Answer me this question.

JONES: I'm sick of the same old script here, bud.
This is a classic Gish gallop -- "hurling as many different half-truths and no-truths into a very short space of time so that [the] opponent cannot hope to combat each point in real time." And much of it is at a vein-popping level of aggressive hysteria. Jones is frighteningly aggressive. Morgan never regained control of this discussion.

Would he do this in Congress? Sure. Why wouldn't he?

I'm not looking forward to it.

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