Wednesday, September 29, 2021


I'm too disheartened to write about what's going on Washington, so I'll write about something nearly as infuriating: the monstrousness of the anti-vaccine right. Here's the headline to Gateway Pundit's lead story right now:
Former Notre Dame Professor Who Said, “Damn the Unvaccinated” Dies Two Weeks After Receiving 3rd Covid Shot
GP's Cristina Laila writes:
Orlando, Florida – A former Notre Dame professor who routinely attacked unvaccinated people as “selfish” passed away after she received her 3rd Covid vaccine.

67-year-old Karen Croake Heisler received her first Pfizer Covid jab on January 13, 2021....

On April 9, Heisler tweeted that she had zero side effects after receiving her second Pfizer jab....

Earlier this month, Heisler tweeted she got her third jab....

A week later, Heisler started to have complications and cursed the unvaccinated.

Heisler said her cardiologist tried to admit her to the hospital but there are no rooms because of Covid....
Laila wants readers to believe Heisler had complications from the vaccine. She didn't.
About two weeks after her third Covid jab, Karen Croake Heisler passed away.

According to Heisler’s obituary, she died of “cancer-related complications” on September 19.
Yes, because Heisler had cancer. In fact, she'd survived it twice before her most recent diagnosis, which came months before she got her first vaccine shot.

Why mention the vaccine? Oh, right, of course: because the scumbags at Gateway Pundit believe -- or want their readers to believe -- that the vaccines kill people.

Laila didn't say outright that the vaccine killed Heisler, but she didn't have to. The commenters, of course, don't need this spelled out for them:
They're skipping it and going straight to the embalming fluid booster shot!


This is an example of a human lemming...


Doctors have pointed out that two jabs are worse than one, and three jabs are worse than two. Fauci's booster jabs are unmasking the great marxist hoax of 2020 and it's election symptoms.


Talk about Why Karens might want to consider the reasons people don't want the clot shot


Stupid was just fixed by the covid death jab. It's better than Jim Jones koolaid.
Such nice people. These are the people whose feelings we're not supposed to hurt.

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