Sunday, September 05, 2021


I understand blaming President Biden for the flaws in the Afghanistan withdrawal. But Hurricane Ida? Ida is Joe Biden's fault?

And in case you think this is a tweet that misrepresents the article it cites, here's an except from the article:
While President Biden continued taking criticism from Republicans and other critics regarding the U.S. troop pullout from Afghanistan – and an Aug. 26 Kabul terror attack that left 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghans dead -- a CNN analyst on Friday praised Biden for doing a "damn good job."

Bakari Sellers’ approval of Biden contradicted new polls that suggest increasing frustration among Americans with the president's job performance.

Selllers’ high marks for Biden also covered the president’s response to Hurricane Ida, the multi-state disaster that was linked to at least 12 deaths in Louisiana, 27 deaths in New Jersey, 16 deaths in New York and other deaths in Maryland and Pennsylvania, according to reports.
Biden is responsible for those deaths? He's responsible for climate change? Why -- because he likes to drive cars, like millions of other Americans? (Unlike many of them, of course, he's hoping the cars of the future don't run on gasoline, while Fox News defends fossil fuels to the death.) Ida caused a level of flooding in parts of the Northeast that the region's infrastructure couldn't handle -- did Biden personally sign off on flood mitigation plans in the outer boroughs of New York City and the Philadelphia suburbs? (And does that mean Biden gets credit for the levees that held in New Orleans?)

I'm reading this a couple of days after I read that many Americans apparently think it's Biden's fault that the pandemic is still going on. That's according to Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report:
For the last couple of weeks, I've been watching focus groups. Two of those groups included independent-leaning voters who don't align themselves strongly with either party. One other group was comprised of so-called Democratic "surge" voters; people who vote infrequently or only in presidential elections....

My main takeaway was the prominence of COVID as their dominant concern. When asked about how they felt about the state of the country, almost all of them replied with a pessimistic comment. And, that negativity was almost universally centered around issues of the virus and the vaccine....

While they don't specifically blame President Biden for these problems — many blamed the misinformation swirling around social media — some wish that Biden were providing stronger leadership.

One man in the Democratic "surge" group conceded that Biden has "done a lot better than Trump" on COVID, "but that was a low bar. When he took office, he met that bare minimum he hasn't gone further; there's a lot more room that he could pursue."

A woman in the independent-leaning group credited Biden with being a "nice man" and "Not Trump, thank God." Even so, she doesn't see him exhibiting "powerful leadership."
And while The Washington Post's COVID-focused write-up of a new ABC/Post poll (in which which Biden's job approval number dips to 44%) doesn't directly blame Biden for the fact that most vaccine refusers still think the shots are dangerous and many would quit their jobs if vaccination were compulsory, the headline strongly implies that America's current pandemic failings are the president's fault:
As coronavirus fears spike, Biden’s ratings sag and workers split on vaccine mandates, Post-ABC poll finds
Everything is Biden's fault. If you slip and fall doing the milk crate challenge, that's probably his fault, too.

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